(The heroes arrive in the safe place far away enough from the ash cloud flowing enough)

Mr. Peabody: Now we must get--

Sherman: (running) Milo! Cassia! (As he stops, he cries and sobs) Milo! Cassia! I can't believe they're gone!

Mr. Peabody: (walking to Sherman and hugging him) There, there.

Pooh: We know how you feel too, Sherman. We lost Milo and Cassia as well.

Rabbit: (to Sherman) We are also sorry for them. Everything is going to be all right. You'll see, Sherman. (to Pooh and friends) Everyone, we will look at Pompeii before we go.

(Everyone walk a little and watch Pompeii, burning by the ash cloud)

Rabbit: It's gone. And Milo is gone with it. But our hopes will never die. History of the Roman Empire must be made. You didn't even see that well. Milo and Cassia will be in our hearts. And our love fights against the hate.

Danny: You have this memory, Rabbit. We will not ever forget Pompeii.

Rabbit: Yeah. That's the truth.

(The screen fades in with a film camera move around the statue of Milo and Cassia, who kiss, burned by the ash cloud)

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