(Camel bellows)

Arpid: He is dead!

Rabbit: He is not dead!

Arpid: Just admit it, you smelly camel!

(camel bellows)

Arpid: I am your master now! You belong to me! He is dead! Dead!

Princess Paw: Arpid, he is not dead! He might survive the soldiers.

Arpid: I don't care where he might survive and steady, you champ!

(Mathayus lands his hand on Arpid's shoulder)

Arpid: You are alive!

Rabbit: Told you he is alive.

Arpid: I knew it!

Mathayus: Right.

(Mathayus takes his camel with him)

Arpid: I was just saying to our friends, "Friends, no one could kill our good friend Mathayus and the others."

Rabbit: I was going to say the same thing.

Piglet: Are we glad to see you are okay.

Hunter: We are okay now

Colleen: Who are these friends?

Pooh: Well, this is Danny, Sawyer, Moley and Ratty.

Moley: You can call us Mr. Rat and Mr. Mole.

Hunter: Nice to meet you.

Sawyer: Nice to meet you too.

Mathayus: Get on.

Cassandra: Why should I make it easy for you? You're sworn to kill me.

Mathayus: Others will die first.

(camel bellows)

Rabbit: Say, are you the sorceress we met in Memnon's tent earlier?

Cassandra: Yes, Rabbit, and I see you have your friends. That's comforting.

(cassandra gets on the camel)

Arpid: So who is your friend?

Mathayus: Memnon's sorcerer.

arpid: Memon's sorcerer? Are you insane? She's going to get us all killed!

Mathayus: Memnon will have to leave the safety of his palace to get her.

Cassandra: So you're going to use me first and then kill me? I feel so much better.

Rabbit: I could always do it the other way around and kill you first.

Arpid: So where are we going?

Mathayus: The Valley of the Dead.

Arpid: The Valley of the Dead?

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