Estelle Fudo is the daughter of Atticus Fudo and Mo Brown in the next generation of Cherry's Adventures stories. Estelle is also the youngest and the only daughter of the Fudo family. 

Estelle and Atiko Fudo

Akito and Estelle as babies.

Estelle is the younger twin by ten minutes and ever since she was born, she was close with Akito, who she affectionally calls 'Kito. Since birth, the twins have been inseperable and have done almost everything together. Estelle does not have god-like strength like her twin brother, but she has Wiccan Magic like he does like their father did when he was younger. 

Estelle is very much a girly girl and often does ballet and acts like a surrogate mother to her dolls and pets, especially her Teddiursa. Estelle gets to have a sister experience in Akito and the Spell of the Unknown when Entei takes her to become Molly's big sister. Estelle is often a nice girl, but in her young age, she longs for a boyfriend as Akito has Emi and Vincent has Jenny while she is still single until they move to SouthDale and she becomes a girlfriend to Lee Clark.

Like Akito, Estelle is rather intelligent for her age and the twins usually do harder schoolwork than anyone their age would do, but they are both home-schooled until the family moves to SouthDale so Mo can look for a job after her kids are teenagers and she decides to stop being a house wife. Estelle often calls Akito her best friend, but she feels Kelly Roberts is like the sister she never had as the two are close and become great friends after Estelle and the Nutcracker and Estelle participates in activities with Barbie often and if she can, so do Akito and Vincent. At some point during Akito and the Loonatics, a razor sharp target cuts Estelle's hair short and ever since then, she has worn her hair short. 

Estelle Hugs Lee by raygirlbases

Estelle hugs Lee.


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