(Pooh and friends pack their things)

Cindy: Anything?

Brock: Yep. That's anything. We have clothes, bathing things, teeth cleaning supplies and everything.

Benjamin: Ok, let's get going.

(In the kitchen)

Shaggy: I guess I would have sandwich.

Rabbit: There's no time to eat.

Ray: Rachel?

Rachel: Dad, you're really scaring me.

Ray: I need you to get your suitcase.

Rachel: Dad

Ray:The one you brought bring it to me Ok?

(Ray Open the caben And takes Everything.)

Ray: Can you do that for me Darling? Ok?

(Ray Run Upstaries into his room open the case take his gun.)

Ray: Guys, hurry. We Dont have much time.

(Pooh and friends run out to the car)

Cindy: Oh my goodness. We won't fit in a car.

Pooh: We need help.

Ash: How?

Twilight: I know! I can use the my flying spell on you.

(Twilight casts spell on Pooh and friends, except Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, for they have their wings)

Ash: Did it work?

Twilight: Wait. I am trying to remember. Oh. Now I remember. Peter Pan taught us to think of the happy thoughts and to fly.

Cindy: Really?

Twilight: Now think of the happy things.

Piglet: Hey! Look at me! I'm flying!

Boo Boo: Yepee! I'm flying too!

Pooh: Now we can follow the car.

Ray: Guys, the car don't work. We need A working car and I know just that work. follow me.

(the Others follow Ray)

Woman: I don't think it's a fire

Man: That Look like Smoke to me

Robbie: What's happening.

Ray: I Cant Tell we've only got about another minute.

(Pelope runing down the streets)

Ray: Please Please.

(Ray Rachel and Robbie walk to the car that works.)

Ray: keep it down

Robbie: Ray im standing right beside you. Can You please answer me?

Ray: Just Get in the Front seat Robbie.

(Ray open the Van)

Rachel; Whose car is this?

Ray: Just get in. (He shut The door

Manny: Hey Hey Ray! You were absolely right. I Had to Change the Sole...

(Ray Get in the Car)

Manny: Ray? Ray? Hey Ray? What Come On Open Up. Open the doo come! Open the door ray

(Ray open the door)

Ray: Get in Manny Get In Now.

Manny: That Funny You Gotta Get out of the Car. You Can't take it.

Ray: Manny listine to me pal.

Manny; He Gots the Kids.

Ray: Manny Manny Shut up!

Manny: Daddy acting Crazy. Guy Gonna come back...

Ray: Manny Manny I Dont have time to explane

Manny: You're busting my chops. I Got a shop to run.

Ray: Get in Manny!

Manny: No Ray get out of the...

Ray; Get in or Your Gonna Die!

Rachel: (Crying) What do you mean?

Manny: All Right get out of the truck I'm Not Kidding Now. Get Out Ray!

Manny:I'm not gonna get in I'm Not gonna get in.

(Rachel is Scare But look Behine)

Ray: Manny: Get In with us.

Manny: I'm Not Gonna Get In trouble.

Twilight: Oh, that's relieve.

Fluttershy: I have to let Ray let the man go in the truck.

Pooh: That's very kind, Fluttershy. But I don't think he will listen.

Fluttershy: We might find out.

Ash: I agree with you.

Ray; Close the door close it

(Robbie Close the door and Ray Drive )

Manny: Hey Ray Bring the car back Ray it not my car! ( He Get by The Heat Ray Killing him)

Twilight: Ok, let's go for it.

(Twilight, Pooh and others fly)

Fluttershy: Guy, wait up!

(an building explosed)

Ray: Get down Get down.

(Rachel Get down)

Rachel: Is it the terrorists?

Ray: Just get down. Get down.!

(The heat ray Destory the freeway A Gas Thank Fell hit the ground and cause Masstive Explosed)

Piglet: What shall we do?

Misty: We need to fly faster! The machine is shooting at us all!

Twilight: Let's fly quickly, but don't get shot!

(they escapes to the Road)

(We get a view of the car slideing left and right advode the car on the road)

Robbie; Where are we going?

Ray: We gotta go we got the only working car around here.

Robbie: Where Pooh And the others.

Ray: Don't worried they behind us. Twilight got them fly.

Robbie: Flying?

Ray: She got wings.

Pooh: Are Ray and others ok?

Twilight: They are ok, Pooh. They're still in the truck.

Ray: I'm not stopping until we're clear.

Robbie: Clear for what?

Ray: We Gotta go

Robbie: What the heck is going on?

Ray:Can You Shut Up We'er under attack.

Robbie: By Who is attack us?

(Rachel Sobbing and screaming)

Ray: Rachel you need the keep it down.

Ray: Rachel Rachel Shut up Rachel I Can't think

Robbie: You Freaking her out!

Ray: Look im driveing Do Someing. Guys Help Robbie clam Rachel down.

Ash: Where are we going anyway?

Twilight: I think he knows where we're going. Though I don't know.

Pooh: I was afraid of this.

Twilight: We will get to the safe place.

Robbie: Ok Ok Put'em up Rach Make the arm.

(He Cross his arms)

Robbie: This Space right here this yours. This belong to you right You're safe in you space.

Rachel: I'm Safe in my Space.

Robbie: Nothing can happen to you.

Rachel: I'm Really Scare.

Robbie: I'm Gonna go to the front seat talk to Dad.

Rachel: No

Robbie: Be two feet away. Will You hold my hand?

Rachel: Yes

Robbie: You Gonna be Ok?

Rachel: Yes

Pooh: What is the giant thing?

Twilight: The giant thing is called a Tripod.

Pooh: How do you know this?

Twilight: I read it about the galaxy. The tripods are the dangerous thing in the whole world. They use the heat-rays to shoot everybody.

Rabbit: Oh dear. Mercy me.

Piglet: Oh dear, mercy me too.

Pooh: You know guys, I wish the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were here.

Tigger: You're right, Buddy Boy.

Twilight: Who?

Pooh: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Their names are Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael. They are the super heroes and our team. We helped them to save the world.

Piglet: And we defeated one of our enemies, Shredder.

Rainbow Dash: This is awesome!

Applejack: I hope we will meet them.                                                                                                                            

Robbie: I wanna know everything you know.

Yogi: May we see your photo book?

Pooh: You will when we get to his wife.

Princess Paw: And that's where we're going.

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