Ryaia Everfree

Everfree Prince Gale a.k.a Ryaia Everfree

Everfree Prince Gale (AKA Ryaia Everfree) is a Gaia Everfree version of Ryan F-Freeman in


Everfree Prince Gale was created when Ryan finds out that one of the camp counsellors of Camp Everfree, Gloriosa Daisy, is revealed to be Gaia Everfree after she transformed. When Gloriosa got the 2 geodes, both she and Ryan transform into Gaia Everfree and Everfree Prince Gale. Gale decides to be on Gaia's side and help her seal Camp Everfree then turn against her to save the campers when she least expects it.


Everfree Prince Gale looks like Ryan and Gaia Everfree collided into one with brown gloves with Ryan's flamethrowers sticking out of his wrists, a green t-shirt, flowers on his shoes, his hair is like Gaia's with a brown stripe, his eyes are black with brown pupils, an eye-mask and shorts and a skirt. In the legend, he looks like



Like Gaia, Gale has the power to manipulate plant life to his command.

Friendship with Gaia Everfree



  • Thomas.
  • [whispering to Sunset] I am still Ryan, Sunset. And I'm going to pretend to be on Gaia's side for a while and turn against her to protect everyone when she least expects it.
  • My friend Gaia have an announcement to make!
  • But, not to worry, my subjects. WE'VE GOT THIS!!!
  • You need to act a bit more immature.
  • Let's just get this over with.
  • Why are you fighting us?! Gaia and I are doing this to save our camp! We're doing this for you!
  • [calmly] To the spa? [enraged] TO THE SPA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  • I know you call me a hero, Mal. But, I'VE GOT THIS!!
  • What the?
  • Let's go.
  • We can do this.
  • Jessie F-Fiona?! Are you ok in that form?

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