This is where everyone starts singing while they are talking in Singing While Talking.

Thomas: [sings] Hello, Twilight.

How are you doing?


Why am I singing?

Twilight Sparkle: [sings] Good question.

Why are you singing?

Why am I singing?

Both: [sing] Why are we singing?

Thomas: [sings] Cinders and Ashes!

I think we're singing whatever we say!

Twilight: [sings] To make everything normal again,

There has to be a way.

Thomas: [sings] Do you think we should see Ratchet about this?

Twilight: [sings] Of course.

Thomas: [sings] Then let's go.

[They race off and find Ratchet sitting on the ground]

Thomas: [sings] Ratchet, we need your help.

We've started to sing while we talk.

Do you know why?

Ratchet: [sings]

I do not know!

I can't find any sources.

Crash Bandicoot:[sings] Not even Ryan or me. [covers his mouth]

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