Evil Anna is a clone of Princess Anna and Sci-Ryan's girlfriend.


Evil Anna was created when Anna was working with Ryan and Matau at the refinery in Crown City but something went wrong and Anna gets covered by a green liquid called Evil Clone Creator Juice. When the juice starts to take effect, Anna feels funny and wired and collapases unconscious. Matau saw Anna laying on the floor, he tells Ryan about what happened and helps get Anna to bed and to tell Elsa about what happened to Anna. Matau noticed the juice starting to drip off Anna and onto the floor where Ryan is moping and it begins to form a clone of Anna with black hair, red eyes, Anna's skin color and black clothes. The two heroes gasp at the Anna clone and she looks at them. Matau asks the Anna clone who is she. The Anna clone tells Matau "My name is Evil Anna." and Anna wakes up to see her and Ryan fighting. The fighting stops when the Alphablocks step in and break Ryan and Evil Anna from each other.


Evil Anna looks like Anna but her hair is black, her eyes are red and her skin is the same as Anna's. And she wears a siren pendant with a blue gem.


Evil Anna's personality is a bit of both Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk.

Relationship with Sci-Ryan

Abilities and Skills



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