Evil Royal Guards are various groups of armored stallion ponies or gargoyles that serve various members of royalty on the evil side. Such as King Sombra, Nightmare Moon, and Queen Chrysalis.

Changling guards

Changling Guards are royal Guards that serve Queen Chrysalis. They are just like any other Changling, except they wear dark blue armor. And Are sometimes armed with curved swords and Browning Hi-Power Pistols. They are all lead by Sargent Horik and Captain Thorn.

Sombra Guards

Sombra guards are royal guards that serve King Sombra. They are often dark gray with old mid-evil gray armor covering their bodies and they are often seen armed with AR-18 rifles.

Darkness Guards

Darkness guards are Royal guards that serve Nightmare Moon of Princess Twivine Sparkle. They are black, with either light blue armor or dark purple armor.

Notable members

Sargeant Horik

Captain Thorn



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