Evil Ryan is fighting Kurumi

Evil Ryan: Kurumi! Why are you fighting me?

Kurumi: Because I have you for what you said to me!

Evil Ryan: What do you mean?

Kurumi: You been a Jerk to me back home, you hurt my feelings for what you said. Even got me so angry at you!

Evil Ryan: It's because I've been a Jerk to you back home?

Kurumi: Yes!

Evil Ryan: Look, I'm so sorry. Okay, I never been a jerk to you after I said those mean things to you at Home.

Kurumi: You mean it?

Sci-Ryan: Yeah, I'm sorry for everything I done for you. Friends?

Kurumi: Oh. Friends!

They shake hand.

Next Day

Kurumi: I don't want to hurt Ryan and his friends!

Lord Vortech: What? You think Ryan is a Kamen Guts hater too?

Kurumi: No, Kamen Guts hater! You don't know Ryan as much as I do! I quit!

She left them

Lord Vortech: I gonna get her for this.

Brian and Stewie are looking for Tino and then they saw Crash look injured

Brian: Crash!

They help him up

Stewie: Who did this to you?

Crash: Please, take me to Optimus... Prime.

Brian: Don't worry, we'll take you to him.

They are heading back

Optimus: Brian, Stewie. I have had news to tell you... Misty, Thomas and Mickey have been captured from the Villains.

Brian: (Gasp) Our friends? Who captured them?

Optimus: It was Lord Vortech and... Ryan.

They look shock and they look Angry for what he said

Brian: Ryan? (Angry) No! That's crazy he would never do that!

Optimus: I hope with all my heart and spark that you are right about your friends. There are some things even I cannot tell me.

Stewie: Where is he? Where can we find Ryan?

Optimus: I think he went to your home, Quahog. Tino is there too, and you should go there to see them.

Brian: Okay, we'll go there and see if it's true.

Optimus: Be on your Gaurd.

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