Evil Selena Gomez is the clone of The Nice and Kind Selena Gomez. She is a Wife of Ralphscoe and a Helper of Master Xehanort and Sora's Other Rivals.
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Evil Version of Selena Gomez.

Her Goal is Destory Sora and His Friends including Her Nice Twin "Selena Gomez" and Take Them to Either Master Xehanort, Bowser Koopa or Even Her Husband Ralphscoe as Their Salves.


She is a Evil Version of Selena Gomez and a Evil Twin.

She is Had No Family.

She is Married to Ralphscoe since during the Events of Sora's Adventures of Teen Beach Movie (Which the Scene is Unseen)

She and Her Husband Ralphscoe Wants Sora and His Friends as Their Salves Forever whenever Defeating or Threatening Them.

Her First Sora's Adventure Crossover Debut will be Sora Says It's Magical. (Although Her Cameo Appears during the Villian Part of Sora's Adventure Extravanga Special: The Magic, Comedy and Adventure Revue)

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