Evil the Cat

Evil the Cat is a villain on Earthworm Jim. He, like all the villains wants to get Earthworm Jim's supersuit and/or take over the world, but his real main goal is to destroy the universe. He is cunning, sly. Despite being called a cat, he has sharp buck like teeth, and a long rat like tail. He is voiced by Edward Hibbert.


Evil the Cat is a villain and like all the villains on the show, wants to get the supersuit from Jim. Evil's main goal is to destroy the universe. He tried doing it basically by stealing Jim's Fuzzy Wuzzy Pop Up Animal Book which contained a secret to destroying the universe, making a evil song from barbershop quartets, teaming up/falling in love with Malice the Dog, etc. In "The Origins of Peter Puppy", it turned out that he was the one who turned Peter into a intelligent two-legged walking animal, but also cursed him into turning into a monster whenever angry, hurt or scared.



  • His catchprase is "A minor setback"
  • Evil the Cat is one of the most vile villains of the show, showing that he doesn't want to conquer the universe, but destroy it.

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