This is Order 67 is carried out in Revenge of the Red Diesel.

[It cuts back to Tatooine]

[we watch as the Clones are now advancing on the droids army]

[Brian then comes back to the main army on his dewback]

Brian: Commander, contact all troops and tell them to move to the higher levels.

Commander Billy: Very good, Sir! Oh, BTW, [holds out Brian's Lightsaber] I think you'll want this back.

Brian: [takes it back] Thank you. Now, let's get a move on! We have a battle to win here!

Commander Billy: Wait! Sir, the Sailor Scouts want to come with you. They say they know everything about the ship.

Brian: Very well.

Sailor Moon: Alright, let's go!

Brian: Hiya!

[Brian, his dewback, and the Sailor Scouts then climb up the ship]

Commander Billy: [puts his helmet back on as his comlink beeps]

Ernie: Commander Billy, the time has come. Execute Order 67!

Commander Billy: Yes sir! Blast them!

[A turret aims at Brian, his dewback, and the Sailor Scouts right near the top and fires and scores a direct hit!]

Sailor Venus: We've been hit!

[They soon all fall and land on the sand]

["Anakin's Betrayel" starts playing as we then come to another battle where another Jedi Equine is leading a battle on Hoth]

Jedi Equine (echoing): Come on!

[But then his troopers turns their guns on him and blasts his chest. Then we come to Dagobah, and the Jedi Equine's troopers kill her!]

[Then Luna collapses after feeling the pain]

Princess Celestia: Luna! What's wrong?

Princess Luna: Death! I feel death!

[Then we see more Jedi getting killed on several planets, where it goes back to the droid battle on Endor]

Clone Equine Commander: It'll be done, my lord.

[but just as the Clones point their blasters at the Crusaders, Scootaloo senses it as she then ignites her saber and decapitates the clones about to shoot them]

Apple Bloom: What the hay was that about?!

Scootaloo: Our Clones have turned on us!

Wicket: [speaking Ewokish]

[he then guides the Crusaders away from the battle]

[It cuts back to the Jedi temple]

[we see the clones are fighting the Jedi Knights in the temple, as Chris heads into one room where Jedi younglings are]

Jedi Younling pegasus filly: Master, Chris. There's too many of them! What shall we do?

[Chris then ignites his saber (which makes the saber ignition sound of a Sith's Lightsaber)]

[at Sunset's apartment, she watches the carnage happening at the temple]

Sunrise: Chris said he's heading towards the temple. Don't worry, Mom. He'll be alight [she leaves her]

Sunset Shimmer: [sobbing]

[we then view one of the landing platforms at the temple where a shuttle with the Royals onboard, as a few clones then walk over to them]

Barret Barricade: What the hay is going on here?!

Clone Equine Commander: There's been a rebellion. We're on the job!

Cone Equien Troooper: I'm sorry, but it's time for you lot to leave.

Princess Celestia: And so it is.

[They all back away]

Clone Equine Trooper: Get him!

[We see a youngling killing the troopers before he gets blasted in the face and killed]

Shining Armor: No!

[The troopers try to fire at them, but they get away]

Clone Equine Commander: Hold your fire! Let them go!

[It sideswipes back on Tatooine, where it shows Brian and the Sailor Scouts still alive]

Sailor Mars: Why did they attack us?!

Brian: I don't know.

[Soon they hear Troopers coming their direction]

Brian: Quick, hide in the sand.

[They do so as the Troopers sweep the area]

[It sideswipes back on Endor, Where we see Troopers looking around the ruins of the battle]

Clone Equine Trooper: All these Ewoks are dead, move to the east!

Clone Equine Troooper #2: Yes, Sir!

[high in one of the treehouses, Wicket provides the Crusaders with an escape shuttle]

Sweetie Belle: Thank you.

Scootaloo: Good bye, Wicket.

Wicket: [moans sadly]

Apple Bloom: Wer' really gonna miss ya'.

[the Crusaders board the pod and it flies away]

Wicket: [howls]

[we sideswipe to Canterlot where we see a another shuttle take off and inside are the Royals]

Cadance: We need to find the others before they enter this catastrophe!

[It sideswipes back to Tatooine]

Commander Billy: Did you find Brian and the Sailor Scouts?

Clone Equine Trooper: Sir, we found the Dewback's body, but they're not there.

Commander Billy: Then they're not dead. Start looking for them!

Clone Equine Trooper: Yes, sir!

[We see Brian and the Sailor Scouts observing it from a hill top]

Sailor Mercury: How are we gonna get out of here?

Sailor Jupiter: Mos Eisley is too far away.

Brian: There's a ship not far away. Follow me.

[Brian leads the scouts to a lone ship near the spot where Skull was killed as they hop onto it and Brian flies them away]

Brian: Is anyone there? This is Jedi Master Brian Griffin.

[then a hologram of Shining Armor shows up]

Shining Armor: Brian? Brian, is that you?

Brian: Yeah, it's me! And the Sailor Scouts are with me too! But something's gone wrong! My Clone Troopers turned on me, I need help!

Shining Armor: We've just met up with the others, and this attack has happened everywhere. We're sending you our location.