Here's how Brian explains Flik about love and the V-Rex makes it's appearance in Brian and The Wrath of Jafar

["Optimus" starts playing]

Flik: Hey, Brian. I was wondering. Do you have love?

Brian: Yes. I do.

Flik: What's her name?

Brian: Sylvoen. She's the beutiful female in the world, that makes the heavens wheep and birds chirp all of spring till finally they die. Do you have one?

Flik: Atta?

Brian: What happened to her?

Flik: We were devorced and I ran away from my island.

Brian: Why did you 2 get devorced?

Flik: It's long story, but to make it short, I was clusmy.

Brian: You got devorced because you were clumsy?

Flik: Yeah.

Brian: What do you do now?

Flik: Altougth, sometimes I think about her. I wish the colony want's me back. I'll never make a diffrence.

Brian: Flik, you need to make on.

Flik: What do you mean?

Brian: You need determination. You need to show respect! And if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

Flik: Okay. I guess that could work.

[we then see Himlech exploring the forest]

Heimlich: I'm gonna become a beautiful butterfly, someday!

[but then there is a eye looking down on him]

[then a growl is heard]

Heimlich: Nightstriker? Is that you? It's very spooky in here, I ain't playing no games.

[the growl is heard again]

Heimlich: [sees 2 droplets] Huh?

[he then looks up and sees a V-Rex!]


Brian: Oh, what now?!

[they look and see the V-Rex race out]

Heimlich: SNEIL! SNEIL!! SNEIL!!


Slim: T-REX!!

Brian: That's no T-rex! It's a V-Rex! A descendant of it!

Jasmine: [awakes and then takes out her Pokeball] Espeon, go!

[Espeon comes put]

Espeon: Espy!



Jasmine: Espeon, use Psybeam!

Espeon: Espy! (uses Psybeam)

V-Rex: ROAR!!!!!!

Brian: [Grabs his own Pokeballs] Metagross, psychic!

Metagross: METAGROSS!!! (use psychic)

V-Rex: ROAR!!!!!!!!!! [runs away]

Slim: [hiding behind Nightstriker] I..i.. is it gone?

Brian: Yeah, he's gone. [looks through a scope] Jafar. He's there.

Flik: We heading back to Canterlot?

Brian: [hops on Nightstriker]

Jasmine: [hops on him] This is my first time, riding a dragon.

Brian: Haven't you even riden Nyx's own dragon?

Jasmine: No.

Brian: Oh, boy. Just hold on tight.

Flik: I think he's good to fly, his wing's all better now. [he and the other bugs up on his head]

Brian: Okay, Bud. Let's take this nice and slow!

["Riding the dragon" begins to play]

Nightstriker: [backs up]

[soon Nightstriker spreads his wings and then he starts to run to the edge and takes off!]

Jasmine: OH MY GOODNESSS!!!!

Brian: Yeah, pretty neat!

Flik: [laughs that Nightstriker is flying]

[Nightstriker then flys up into the clouds and is soon goes back to Canterlot castle]

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