This is the scene where the heroes are exploring Dinolantis goes in Dinolantis: The Lost Dinosaur Kingdom.

(Now we go to the heroes talking to each other)

Zaptor: That didn't go well.

Max Taylor: That's right. Jama finds us harmless, but the king, I think he's hiding something.

Clayton: He's hiding something, and I want to know what it is.

Hawkeye: Sometimes it's better to leave things be.

Vision: Erik, the people look at you with disdain. There is no doubt they are... Aware of your past.

Scarlet Witch: If they want to hurt him, they'll have to go through me first.

Mimi Tachikawa: That King was kinda scared or something. But, Jama. She's so nice to us!

Palmon: Yeah.

Jeri Katou: But look on the bright side, guys. Dinolantis is so beautiful!

Takato Matsuki: You're right, Jeri. Look at the view, it's full of real life living dinosaurs!

Guilmon: It's so beautiful!

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