This is how face-off at the top of the KIDZ+ building and Ladyan vs. Sci-Ryamy Weather goes in Stormy Weather (CTaRaoMToLaCN).


Timon: Matau! Bertram! Where are Ladyan and Kitty Noir?

Bertram T. Monkey: They are chasing after Frosty the Snowgirl and her boyfriend, Icy Neutron.

Iago: You mean... Stormy Weather and her boyfriend, Sci-Ryamy Weather?

Flutterwing: Yes, Iago. Follow me and SwanSong.

[They catch up with Ladybug, Ladyan, Kitty Noir and Cat Noir on top of the building]

Sci-Ryamy Weather: [laughs] You air-heads! You have fallen right into my and my girlfriend's trap!

Stormy Weather: He's right!

[They use their wind powers and a tornado forms. Butterfly frames appear round Sci-Ryamy's and his girlfriend's eyes]

Hawk Moth: The time is now! Bring us the Miraculous!

Ryan Repulsa: And... The MATRIX!!

[The butterfly frames disappears]

Sci-Ryamy Weather: There's no escape from me and my girlfriend! Party's over, fools!

Stormy Weather:

Ladyan: We're just... [notices Kitty Noir was holding hands then let's go of her] We're just getting started, Sci-Ryamy!

Ladybug: What Ladyan said, Stormy!

Sci-Ryamy Weather: You think so, Ladyan? My storm clouds can put a blindfold on you! [laughs]

Bertram T. Monkey: I'll protect you, Sunset. Since I'm not scared of him or Megatron. [notices a parrot] Huh?

Parrot: [squawks. In French] Hello.

Bertram T. Monkey: AAAAHHHH!!!! French parrots! [hides behind Megatron]

Sci-Rianna: A Decepticon scared of a parrot? Weird.

Ladyan: Ladybug. You think Cat Noir and you can handle her?

Ladybug: Yes, Ladyan. Lucky charm!

[A bath towel appears]

Ladybug: A bath towel? What am I suppose to do with this?

Cat Noir: So, we're about to obliterated but at least we'll be still dry.

Ladybug: Just hold your whiskers.

Evil Ryan: Let's do this. Mono a amumatodo.

Sci-Ryamy Weather: Oh. Is that so? We'll just see about that!

Stormy Weather: HAIL!

[Hail falls from the sky, Evil Ryan twirls his Lightsabers to block the bits of ice]

Cat Noir: Thanks, Evil Ryan.

Evil Ryan: Any time, pal.

Ladyan: Time to fight you, Sci-Ryamy Weather.

Sci-Ryamy Weather: My mission exactly. Storm Clouds! Cover the eyes of McQueen and the Con Warlord!

[Clouds flies at Megatron and McQueen, covering thier eyes]

Lightning McQueen: Hey! I can't see!

Bertram T. Monkey: But, you and Galvatron can hear me, McQueen.