Faction Fracture is a new episode in Weekenders and friends' Amazing Explorations.


The film kicks off with our heroes traveling to Canterlot, when debris suddenly is thrown in front of them. They look over and see Archangel fighting Storm(X-Men). Confused, they take cover to get a closer look while Starlight Glimmer muses over how two heroes are fighting each other. Storm tells Warren he should surrender now before things get out of hand. He tells her that she is the one who should get out of the way, and she chose the wrong side. Psylocke and Bishop appear, and duke it out, while the Heroes and Starlight notice a single man watching it all go down, clearly amused with it. Starlight tries to get him to get away, but he just opens his phone and listens to a voicemail. Archangel and Psylocke escape, never taking any notice of either the heroes, Starlight, or Zemo. Satisfied, Zemo gets up, and leaves.

Starlight follows Zemo to Siberia, while the Heroes follow Archangel and Psylocke to Leipzig Airport. Starlight, having overheard the voicemails, asks why he was amused that the X-Men were just tearing themselves apart. He replies that it wasn't meant for them. The Heroes come across Archangel and Psylocke resting. Psylocke reminds him he can't carry her all the way, that by the time they get there, they'll be gone. Archangel sees a Motorcycle and says if she paints it purple, it's all hers.

They follow them to Leipzig Airport, where they see them meet up with other people. An alarm sounds off, and Archangel says they know they're here. Psylocke then says it's a matter of time before the big guns get here. The more muscular blonde one tells his allies to suit up.

Later, the Heroes follow the Captain outside to the tarmac. Before he can reach a chopper, two disks EMP it. Two metal men fly down to confront him. One of them has their helmet fold back to reveal a bearded man with a black eye. Three more people join them, along with Storm and Bishop. Iron Man tells Cap to surrender now, but Judy Hopps' enhanced hearing allows her to hear someone on Cap's earpiece tell him they found it and it is in Hangar 5 on the North Runway. Cap raises his hands,and arrow cuts the webs. The fight that follows destroys a large portion of the airport. A man in red and green with a yellow cape fires a mind beam to stop them all in their tracks. The two sides face each other in a standoff. Archangel asks what do they do, and Cap says they fight. The two sides clash some more, but while pursuing the escaping Captain, Winter Soldier, and Shadowcat, Vision accidentally hits War Machine's arc reactor, which paralyzed him.

Kitty asks what's going to happen to the others. Cap admits he'll deal with it.


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