(Thunder Rumbling)

Fagin: This is an airtight plan, Sykes. Sweet and simple. I ransom the kitty, and you get paid in full tomorrow. I'll even toss in a little extra for your patience. (Guffawing) Whaddya say? It's my final offer. Take it or leave it. 

(Fagin shake hands with Dodger) 


Sykes' voice: Yeah, who is it? 

Fagin: Oh... 

(Camera Whirring) 

Fagin, it's you. Why didn't you say so? 

Fagin: (Nervous chuckling) Oh! Good question. But listen... if you're busy, we can drop by some other time. 

Sykes: Don't be silly. Just push the door. (Buzzing) 

(Fagin grunting) 

Sykes' voice: I said, push! 

(Fagin's begins to push the door softly but the door opens itself) 

(The elevator takes him and Dodger down) 

Sykes: Ooh! What do you mean? You start with the knuckles. Ahh, Fagin. Do come in. I'll be right with you. (Door squeaks) Yeah. No, you don't kill 'im yet. Huh? Yeah. And then, what's-what's the last thing you do? You put on the cement shoes. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, that's right. Come on. Hey, don't worry about it. 


(Slams and dings) 

Sykes: So, Fagin. Did we bring something green and wrinkly to make me happy? 

Fagin: Sykes, I've got an airtight k-kitty... plan... plan! It's sweet and simple... the plan. 

Sykes: Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. 

Fagin Let's just take this from the top. 

(Dogs growling) 

Sykes: What... What am I gonna do with you, Fagin? 

Fagin: I've got this kitty, you see... 

Sykes: Fagin. (Fagin stammering) You don't got the money. 

(He snaps his fingers) 

Fagin: Oh, no! Oh, no! (Dogs snarling) Oh... No, no, no! Stop! Please, Sykes, please! (Dogs growling and Dodger fights them) 

Fagin: Sykes, I'm getting your money tonight! It's coming tonight! Please. It's from a rich cat... I mean, a cat from a rich family's paying... Ow! They're coming tonight with the money I owe you, uh, to get the cat back! 

(Sykes snaps his fingers to stop his dogs) 

(Dodger whimpers when he is injured) 

Sykes: (grunts) Hey, I think there's hope for you yet. Oh-ho! I'm proud of ya, Fagin. Yeah, you're startin' to think big. You've got hours. And, Fagin? (Lighter clicking) This is your last chance. 


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