Fairy Council
The Fairy Council are the supreme rulers of Fairy World and the creators of Da Rules book in the Fairly OddParents series. In Timmy's Secret Wish, they punished Timmy Turner for making a secret wish by stopping everyone in the world from aging 50 years ago; however, when his fairies, Poof, Jorgan Von Strangle, the Crimson Chin, Dark Laser, Foop, and Denzel Crocker stood up to them about Timmy's heroic efforts in saving his friends from the Hocus Poconos, they agreed to retrial Timmy Turner. Timmy confessed that the reason why he made a secret wish is because he wanted Cosmo and Wanda and Poof to remain his fairy godparents forever, because he cannot imagine a life without them and they are his family. Touched by Timmy Turner's true nature and feelings towards his fairy godparents, the Fairy Council declared that he is in fact not the worst godkid ever and returned everything back to the way it was before.