This is the episode script for Connor Lacey's Adventures of DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High.

[Theme song]

[The story starts with Ryagio Dazzle making a plan]

Ryagio Dazzle: Perfect. I would make the supers of the world fools of themselves.

Kairia Blaze: That you know, Ryagio. I’m tired of fast food. I need a meal.

Ryagio Dazzle: The energy from the EG world is not the same like in Equestria. We can only gain so much power here.

Adagio Dazzle: Exactly, Ryagio. When you had your revenge, you will have the Dazzlings’ glory back to us.

Ryagio Dazzle: Yes. [chuckles]

Aria Blaze: Ugh. I think Harley is a part of me when I touch the Dark Energem.

Ryagio Dazzle: [sarcastically] Really? I like Ryan as a part of me, Aria.

Sonata Dusk: For real-sies? Because I think Connor’s bud is the worst.

Aria Blaze: I think YOU’RE the worst, Sonata.

Sonata Dusk: Oh Yeah, Aria? Well, I think you’re...

Ryagio Dazzle: Oh. And I know one thing. Being here with your good personality is not making my plan to get revenge on Connor anymore [through clinched teeth] bearable.

Adagio Dazzle: I know, Ryagio. We can see if Connor gets humiliated. [kisses Ryagio on the cheek]

[Ryagio giggles and blush]

[Then, just as Ryagio walks off, he feels that he is changing back]

Ryagio Dazzle: Oh no. Not now!

[Ryagio turns back to Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa. What happened? [looks at Adagio] Adagio? Is that you?

Adagio Dazzle: Yep.

Ryan F-Freeman: I could keep myself under control.

Kairia Blaze: What happened to you, Ryagio?

Ryan F-Freeman: He changed to me. Boy. He is a part of me.

Aria Blaze: Oh, Ryan. You ok?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. I'm fine, Aria. Where is Britney?

Britney (inside Adagio Dazzle's mind): Ryan! Adagio has taken over my body!

Ryan F-Freeman: Britney? Is that you?

Britney (inside Adagio Dazzle's mind): Yes. I felt like Adagio is controlling me. [looks at her hands] I didn’t know I wear these gloves.

Ryan F-Freeman: Same for me when I got turned into Ryagio. [to Aria] C'mon, Aria. I think Harley is in you somewhere.

Aria Blaze: Harley?

Ryan F-Freeman: Harley Quinn. You said she is a part of you. Remember? [pulls out a cream pie] I need funny stuff. [smashs it on his face] Whoo-ho-ho! That hit the spot.

Aria Blaze: [Giggles]

[Then, Aria laughs and change back to Harley]

Harley Quinn (DCSHG): [laughs] You are a really funny guy, Ryanley.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks.

Sonata Dusk: Huh? Where did Aria go?

Harley Quinn (DCSHG): She's a part of me, Blythe.

Sonata Dusk: Blythe?

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope I can change you back. See you later.

[Then, Ryan and Harley go to a room where thier friends are at]

Connor Lacey: What's going on?

Ryan F-Freeman: Harley and I changed back. Boy. I guess Harley likes my joke.

Evil Ryan: [mimics Raven] Great. I am sure Harley made something for us to watch.

Harley Quinn (DCSHG): And without further adue, a specail movie event. A tribute I made to my closest friends.

Ryan F-Freeman: Hit it, Babs!

[The movie starts with Frost using her powers to make a snowman]

[Bertram, Starfire, Sapphire and Evil Anna slip on the ice]

Bertram T. Monkey: Whoa! [Off-Screen] I'm ok!

[Bertram covers his eyes in embarrassment]

[In the movie, Evil Ryan was practicing some swordplay]

Evil Ryan: [twirls his Keyblade and hits a woopy cushion] Wha? Is that the uh... "Save the Day" alarm I just heard? [walks off, nervously]

[Evil Ryan blush and hides his face under a hood]

[Then, the camera change to Blythe Baxter catching a cat]

Blythe Baxter: I got it! I got it!

[She bumps into Connor Lacey in the face and gets the cat safe]

[Connor covers his mouth in embarrassment]

[In the greenhouse, Sci-Ryan and Poison Ivy are taking care of a plant then a vine grabs them]

Poison Ivy (DCSHG): Hey!

Sci-Ryan: Oh crumbs! Do this plant learn not to bite the hand that waters!

Ryan F-Freeman: [laughs]

[The plant puts Poison Ivy and Sci-Ryan in flower pots]

Sci-Ryan: Aah! I've been caught like a fly to a flytrap.

[Sci-Ryan hides behinds the plants in shame]

[Wonder Woman tried to gain control of her safety belt then gets shocked]

[Then, Crash chases Cheetah and Evil Ryan opens the door to stop her]

Hawk Girl: No running in the hall.

[Crash gasps]

Ryan F-Freeman: La, la-la, la-la~

[Wonder Woman gets shot by goo]

[Ryan and Harley laughs]

Harley Quinn (DCSHG): You guys are a real hoot.

[Record scratching]

Ryan F-Freeman: Huh? Where did our LOLs gone to?

Bumblebee (DCSHG): Harley, that wasn't nice.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. By the looks of it. That is mean.

Ryan F-Freeman: But, Harley thought you need some kind of thing like a method to some humorous humiliation.

Connor Lacey: Well, at least no one else has seen the video.

Ryan F-Freeman: [mimics Harley Quinn's voice] Right, Consie. No home, no... Uh oh. Harley kinda have auto upload turned on. Sorry.

Evil Ryan: What?!

Crash Bandicoot: Are you kidding me?

Connor Lacey: Come on, guys. Calm down.

Sci-Ryan: Not that many people could've seen it yet.

Ryan F-Freeman: You're right. At least the video had already got... [to the pad] over four million views? But, congrats to the best video ever. [squeaky voice] Yeah.

[Then, Connor and Wonder Woman starts to laugh]

Connor Lacey: I should have seen my face. Connor Lacey? More like "Blonnor Lacey".

Wonder Woman (DCSHG): Yeah. My mom would, as Cody said, flip her bananas. [laughs] I mean. Did you see my face?

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. [laughs] At least I did get put in a flower pot. Poison Sci-Ryan? More like "Sloison Sci-Ryan".

Connor Lacey: You do capture my And Wonder Woman's face, Ryanley.

Ryan F-Freeman: [in Harley Quinn's voice] You really think so, Consie?

Connor Lacey: Yes, Ryanley.

Crash Bandicoot: [laughs] That is so funny. Makes me wanna laugh.

Ryan F-Freeman: You said it, Crash. [sighs sadly] Britney. I hope you are ok as Adagio.

Evil Ryan: Me too. [chuckles] This video made me laugh.

Evil Anna: [mimics Starfire] I do like the laughing.