Fred "Fang" Sykes

Fang is a friend of Talon and Maggie and Claw as well as Leo Lionheart's other uncle from the Labyrinth. His real name is Fred Sykes.


Fred Skyes was a homeless man recruited off the streets by geneticist, Dr. Anton Servarius, and transformed into a winged cougar. Taking the name Fang, he was more interested in bullying than protecting anyone weaker than him. He briefly took over the Labyrinth before being defeated by the other mutates with the help of the Manhattan clan of gargoyles. Just like Fang's reign, his imprisonment didn't last as he was freed by Servarius, who was recruiting new human for his newest batch of mutates. Fang was later captured by and allied with the Redemption Squad, a team of former villains working to "redeem" themselves by fighting on the side of good.

Fang returned to the Labyrinth some time later, and with a little help from Leo's partner Benny the Beast, Fang conviced his old clan that he had completely turned over a new leaf.


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