This is where the group arrive at the farm and fly to the next stop in The Silver Streak and Daylight Special.

[we now see the group walking down the track, still trying to catch up to the train]

Zeñorita: Hurry up!

Zoe Trent: How much longer?

Nyx: I'm not sure, Zoe.

Skyla: [picks up a skull] This is just great! [throws the skull]

Minka Mark: Hey, Look! [points to something]

[they look and see a farm]

Penny Ling: YAH!!

Zoe Trent: We're saved!

[they race to the farm and find the farmer milking a cow]

Nyx: Excuse us?

Farmer: Yes?

Nyx: Could we use your telephone?

Farmer: Telephone?

Nyx: Yeah.

Farmer: You ain't from around here, are you?

Skyla: No, we're lost. We're aren't lost, but we were thrown off the Silver Streak.

Farmer: Thrown off? That a fact? Tel me, is that a colt in this?

Nyx: Well, not exactally. But my cousin claims to have seen a man fall off the Silver Streak last night.

Farmer: I knew it!

Zeñorita: No, no, no. It's not how you think it is. It's just that we've got to get back on the trains before our parents get worried sick about us. That's why we have to use your phone to call the police and stop the jerks who threw us off the train, arrested.

Farmer: Well, it sounds like you're in an awful hurry.

Snowdrop: We are.

Farmer: Well that suites me, cause I'm running late myself. Tell you what, young foals...

Nyx: Oh, my name is Nyx.

Skyla: I'm Skyla.

Snowdrop: I'm Snowdrop.

Zeñorita: Zeñorita Cebra.

Farmer: Rita Sherry.

Nyx: Nice to meet you.

Rita: Tell you what, if you can move these bails of hay over to that trouft, I'll give and your pets a lift.

Skyla: Move these bails of hay?

Rita: Yes.

Nyx: Okay, let's move these bails of hay. [her horn lights up and she picks up one bail]

Skyla: Okay. [lights her hron and picks up another bail of hay]

Zeñorita: [picks up 2 bails of hay]

Snowdrop: [grans another bail of hay, with help from Minka]

[a little Later, Rita is carrying some packages. And then she notices the foals in the car]

Rita: Hey, what are you doing?

Nyx: Looking at our brochere of the Daylight Special, to see when it arrives to the next town.

Rita: No, I mean what doing in the car, we ain't going in that.

Skyla: We aren't?

Rita: no. Come on, follow me.

[they head up to a biplane]

Rita: Hang put these in the front, and I'll get the wheel blocks.

Skyla: We're taking an airplane?

Rita: What's wrong, you afraid of heights?

Nyx: No.

Rita: Then go ahead.

Zeñorita: But this plane only takes 2, and there's four of us and 7 pets.

Rita: Not to worry, I've gotten that taken care of.

[soon the plane takes off, and we see that some the group are hanging on the wings of the plane]

Skyla: Are you sure we won't come off the wings?!

Rita: Yes, those straps on your bodies will hold you are just fine.

Nyx: Okay, but you have to admit this is quite fun!

Rita: It won't be long now, we'll be at Hooferton at 2:00.

Nyx: 2:00? That's 1 and a half hours from now, where's Hooferton?

Rita: 60 miles the other side of Albuquerque.

Nyx: Wait a minute, [takes out the schedule] The trains pass through at 2:38, if we got there by 2, the sheriff could meet the trains.

Pepper Clark: That's great!

Rita: Ain't it the truth?

[soon the plane is following the railway line]

Minka Mark: Look! Down there, it's the Daylight Special and the Silver Streak!

Rita: Yeah!

Skyla: Let's go! We'll meet the trains there!

Rita: See those sheep?

Nyx: Yeah.

Rita: I'm itchin' to buzz em'.

Snowdrop: Buzz them?

Rita: You never buzzed sheep?

Zeñorita: No

Rita: Hold on, we're going in!

[the plane flies low to the ground and the sheep run as the plane buzzes over them]

Rita: Look at them run, come on, let's do it again!

[the plane flies low to the ground and the sheep run as the plane buzzes over them]

[later, they arrive at Hooferton]

Nyx: Thanks.

Rita: Your welcome. [gets out fo the car and walks up to a man] Hello, Bert. Is the sheriff in?

Zoe Trent: Look! There's the Daylight Special and Silver Streak!

[the said trains are driving through]

Nyx: Come on! We can catch it!

Rita: Don't you want the sheriff?

Skyla: No, we'e got to go now. Thank you for your help!

Rita: So long, you guys. And this time try to stay on!

[they are now tailing the brake coach of the Daylight Special as the passengers in it are calling to them.]

Man: Come on!

Man #2: Come on! All right.

Man #1: Come on! Jump!

[Nyx jumps onboard as she reaches for Skyla]

Nyx: Come on. Grab on!

Skyla: [grabs her hoof]

Snowdrop: [grabs Skyla's tail as Skyla's pulled on]

Nyx: Come on, Ze!

Zeñorita: Si! [grabs on]

Nyx: [pulls her on] Hurry!

Zoe Trent: Wait, don't leave us!

Zeñorita: [takes off her empty knapsack and holds it out] Jump in!

[the pets jump in the knapsack]

Zenorita: [pulls them in]

Man #1: You made it!

Woman: Don't you just love train travel?

Nyx: We really enjoy it.

Woman: They enjoy it.

Skyla: Come on, let's find the others.

[they head down the coaches]

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