Felipe is a scarlet macaw and a former antagonist from Rio 2. He is the leader of the Scarlet Macaw tribe,which is the rival of the Spix's Macaw tribe. 

Felipe's tribe and Eduardo's tribe both wants their own side of the Brazilian nut grove. since the nuts are running short, they began to fight for their territories, one day, when Blu is searching for nuts, Felipe and his tribe appears and he starts to have a game (Which is just like soccers, if the Spix's macaw's tribe wins, they will still have the Brazilian nut grove, but if the Scarlet Macaw tribe wins, they take the Brazilian nut grove). But however, Blu accidentally scores the winning goal of the Scarlet Macaw tribe. Felipe rudely mocks Eduardo for this, his tribe now possessing the entire nut grove. Felipe and His tribe reformed after the fight to Big Boss. 


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