This is how fetching some allies goes in The Solar Flare Legend.

[Meanwhile, in the AU version of the Equestria Girls universe]

Sci-Ryan: Ok. What shop sells cloths in here?

[AU Ryan points to a shop nearby]

Sci-Ryan: Perfect.

AU Rarity: You said it, Sci-Ryan.

[They went into the shop and starts looking for some clothes]

Sci-Ryan: Ok, friends. Which ones do you want to buy?

[AU Ryan finds a rock and roll punk outfit with spikey wrist bands, a glittery vest with torn sleeves and blue trousers]

AU Ryan F-Freeman: That's a nice thing to make me look cool.

[AU Pinkie Pie finds a pink shirt with a dark pink jacket, Blue boots and a heart in a white T-shirt]

AU Pinkie Pie: That's the one.

Sci-Ryan: Cool. I'll go with Rarity to find something.

[Sci-Ryan found a black jacket with a black headband and a dark purple T-shirt with light purple shorts, boots and a white glittery leggings]

AU Rarity: Dazzling.

Sci-Ryan: You said it.

AU Rainbow Dash: Oh wow! I found it. I bet I look like Rainbow Dash from your universe.

[Sci-Ryan looks at what AU Rainbow Dash has found]

Sci-Ryan: Cool. Now to take these to the counter to pay for those.

[Sci-Ryan walks to a counter]

Sci-Ryan: Here. I'd like to buy these.

[The shopkeeper who looks like Mario puts the newspaper down and looks at the outfits]

Sci-Ryan: Mario?

AU Mario: Yep.

AU Ryan F-Freeman: Hello, Mario. Our friend here wants to buy these outfits.

AU Mario: Ok, Ryan.

Sci-Ryan: You and Mario know each other, Ryan?

[AU Ryan nods]

AU Mario: What brings you here, traveler?

Sci-Ryan: Well. It's about the prophecy of the Mare in the sun. You think your brother can cover your shift?

[AU Mario nods and scans the outfits]

Sci-Ryan: I got my money.[pulls out his wallet]

[The money is given to AU Mario and the outfits are bought]

Sci-Ryan: Thanks.

AU Mario: You're welcome. My brother Luigi will do my job.

[AU Luigi comes up]

AU Luigi: Hi, Mario. You helping these friends?

AU Mario: Yes, Luigi. You're in charge of this shop until I get back.

AU Luigi: Ok, Mario. Good luck.

[AU Mario smiles]

[Then the red gems of the Darlings pendants start to glow and AU Ryan's eyes glow red]

AU Ryan F-Freeman: Well, Sci-Ryan, we have some sort of.... MUSICAL talent.

[Sci-Ryan nods and noticed his amulet glowing]

Thomas: You got something, Sci-Ryan?

Sci-Ryan: Yes, Thomas. I detect there's magic coming from Crystal Prep and CHS.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: I think so, Sci-Ryan. Remember when Evil Ryan was sick?

[Sci-Ryan nods and a flashback starts with Evil Ryan coughing]

Ryan F-Freeman: What's the matter, Evil me?

Evil Ryan: I don't feel so good, Ryan.

Captain Hook: You need to get some rest, Evil Ryan. What makes you sick?

[Evil Ryan coughs and sneezes]

Ryan F-Freeman: Here's a bed for you, Evil me. Tell me what happened to you.

[Evil Ryan gets into bed]

Evil Ryan: Well, Ryan, I was trying to help the Toa practice for a fight against Makuta and Ryvine but then all of a sudden I felt sick by the sweet I found on the Onu-Metru archive.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. You poor siren. If there's something you want I can get it.

Evil Ryan: There is something I can have.

Captain Hook: And what would that be?

[the song Glass of Water starts playing]

Evil Ryan: A little glass of water please~

A fresh pressed hankie if I sneeze~

Some tea with honey from the bees~

Whenever you can brew it~

Captain Hook: I'll get your tea.

Evil Ryan: And while I get a little rest~

A teeny tiny small request~

Some codfish oil for my chest~

Poured from a crystal cruet~

Ryan F-Freeman: A crystal Cruet?

Evil Ryan: [singing faster] My goodness, I'm a nincompoop~

Because I fear I got the croup~

I need a vat of carrot soup~

And scarves made out of zinnias~

Did I say zinnias? I meant silk~

[the flowers turn into a silk scarf]

Or something shiny of that ilk~

And then I need some nice warm milk~

And pastries from Abyssinia~

And since my stomach's feeling crummy~

Why not give my aching tummy~

Something soothing, something yummy~

Piled up with noodles?~

Add a slice of homemade rye~

With stacks of Swiss way up high~

Served with sides of sweet mince pie~

More basil; I need oodles!~

Ryan F-Freeman: Anything else?

Evil Ryan: I'll be grateful for your charity~

Until the bitter end~

Because I've heard that tenderness~

Is what you lend an ailing friend~

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah tenderness.

Evil Ryan: You got it right, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: I know. But...

Evil Ryan: So. Who's ready for my big reprise?

I like that glass of water please~

Some magic spell to cure disease~

A firm "gesuntight" when I sneeze~

A fresh bouquet of roses~

Some lozenges will soon appease~

My wheezing when I start to sneeze~

A wig to keep me from the breeze~

And blankets for my toes-es~

Take tweezers out of my valise~

And then polish my rusty knees~

A bowl of peas, some extra cheese~

A cuddle with a Pekingese~

A singing harp who's named Louise~

A goat on skis, a new trapeze~

And more and more and more and more of these~

Ryan F-Freeman: Wha?

Evil Ryan: And just because I ougtha. [in Discord's voice] Make sure I'm drinking in the right~

Amount of fluids day and night~

I wish I may, I wish I might~

Have just one little thing~

Oh, would you please finally bring~

Me that tiny glass~

Of water!??~

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. That's nice singing, Evil me.

Sci-Ryan: Ok. I was polishing my Toa armor then I hear singing.

Evil Ryan: It was me. [coughs] I need something to cure me.

[Sci-Ryan nods and the flashback ends]

AU Ryan F-Freeman: That chap is a good one for singing. The Cyberlings are known to sing from time to time.

Sci-Ryan: Hello? They sing, like, all the time. It's how they get people like me to do what they want.

Cody Fairbrother:

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