Fiddly Faddle 'is a member of The Apple Family, who plays the fiddle or violin. Her fiddle or violin also has a broken string. She is also part of a country band along with her fellow friends and bandmates, Ragtime (who plays the piano), Pitch Perfect (who plays the harmonica) and Kazooie (who plays the banjo), and they were seen providing all of the music at the Nightmare Night Festival in the "MLP: FIM" episode "Luna Eclipsed". She also appeared in another "MLP: FIM" episode called "Apple Family Reunion", and she also appeared during the instrumental break of the song "Raise This Barn" and also played during the reunion party with Pitch Perfect and Kazooie, and without Ragtime.


  • Fiddly Faddle is best friends with S.C. Ruffey.
  • Since Fiddly Faddle and her bandmates perform together as a country band and are wearing cowboy outfits, they might all have cowboy-sounding voices.S
  • Fiddly Faddle has a similar design to Octavia

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