Kumamon and his best friends are traveling in the Lanes Between and they saw three Person they met in their Room

Kotemon: Them again?

They went off, and they follow them. Now they are here at the Dessert World

Kumamon: Where did thdy go?

Bearmon: Don't know.

They know they're behind them

Kotemon: Okay! What did you mean Lobomon, Agunimon and Loweemon being a different Digimon?

????: You should know what I said. The Lobomon and his friends you know will be long gone forever.

Kumamon: That's the craziest thing we've ever heard!

??? 2: Crazy? Or True?

They bring out their sword

Bearmon: A Sword?

They are gonna fight them

??? 3: Alright, let's see what you made off?

They defeated them

???? 2: Is that all you've got? Hmm, you are weak. We'd be going against the Leader's orders, but what do I cared? As far as I know, your role here is done.

They're gonna finish them off with their Dark Power and they blast them and they find out their not here

Fuyunyan: You're safe!

It was Fuyunyan and he save them 

Fuyunyan: Heal!

He healed Kumamon, Kotemon and Bearmon and they feel better

Fuyunyan: Okay, Digimon's. Tell me, how you get that? The power of Warriors are not something you use just to hurt someone around! And look! I'll show you!

Kotemon: The Four of us can!

They get up and they work together to fight thm, and they defeated him. The Three Dark Digimon is laying down Unconscious and then they get up

????: Well, you win.

He Summon a portal

??? 2: Consider yourself probation.

They have disappeared

Kuamon: Probation for what?

Kotemon: Hey, Floating Cat. Thank you for before, we owe you. I'm Kotemon and these are my best Friends, Kumamon and Bearmon, and what's your name?

Fuyunyan: I'm Fuyunyan from the Isamashi Tribe Yokai.

Bearmon: It looks like you're a not a Digimon.

Fuyunyan: Yeah, I've been training under the great Yen Sid. He finds out that the world's are in big trouble, so I left without telling him.

Kumamon: I guess that make four of us. We ran off, too.

Fuyunyan show them a red star Shard

Fuyunyan: All I need to do is think it and the Star shard will take me anywhere I want to go. And I think it would. I haven't got the find points down, like... When, or where... It just kind of kicks in when the it wants to. But I wouldn't have met you if it hadn't brought me here. And you know, it would be an accident. Maybe it's gonna work because it's reaction to something.

Bearmon: How come?

Fuyunyan: Look.

They look at the Star Shard and then it's Glowing and they have been teleported

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