They saw Pikachu blocked Shadow's attack

Giovanni: Now! Finish him off!

Ash: No! Pikachu!

Shoutmon: Shadow! No!

USApyon: Shadow! This Statue is belong to you!

Gumdramon toss it to him and it rained sparkled to him, and then Shadow stop

Shadow: Gumdramon, Shoutmon, Damemon, Jibanyan, Whisper, Komasan, Komajiro, USApyon.

All: Shadow!

Giovanni: Why did that... (Growl) Prisoner! What happen to our deal? I told you that can be freed for this place! You gotta worked with me

Shadow: You haven heard what I said. I'm not gonna do it. Cause I'm not letting it happen.

Broly Looks Angry 

Giovanni: That does it!

Giovanni: That does it! This game is over. I've played by the rules so far. Alright I'll tell you! I want Pikachu and make Ash lose, but it was still a fair fight. Come on, is that really so wrong?

Shoutmon: Oh really? A fair fight?

Giovanni: Alright! Alright! You can laugh all you can! Because the laughing is about to stop. You want to know why? Because now we're gonna play by the rules.

He open a portal, and a robotic arm just grab Misty

Ash: Misty!

Misty: Ash!

Giovanni: Haven't you listen to me? If you don't compete, you lose your friend.

He send her away

Ash: No! Misty! I'm coming!

He went off with Pikachu

Giovanni: Looks like he won't play the game.

Gumdramon: You have use to deal with!

Giovanni: Wow, this is gonna be easy!

They are fighting his Pokemon and there's no effect on him

Giovanni: (Laugh)

Shoutmon: Why didn't we defeat him?

USApyon: But why?

Shadow: Because it's unstoppable.

Whisper: So what can we do to fight it?

Then all Pokémon that the Team Rocket are free

Ash: I think a true hero should be able to help.

Ash and Pikachu are here with Misty

Giovanni: Unbelievable.

Ash: I owe you one, Ash. I'm not gonna lost my friend even my Pokemon's. And then, I remembered: A true hero is measured by the strength of his heart. And I will never forget that one, again.

Damemon: So, no more crazy stunt.

Ash: People and Pokemon always do crazy things when we do for each other.

They laugh

Giovanni: What are you laughing about! How come you have a happy ending! How DARE you!

They are fighting his Pokemon and they defeated him

Giovanni: It's not over!

Then Jenny Arrested him and take him away

Hours later

USApyon: What are you gonna do now, Shadow?

Shadow: I lived my life defending others. But now... there's no one left to protect. Maybe... it's time I shaped my own adventure.

Shoutmon: Yep... you deserve it, Shadow- after everything you've been through.

Shadow: I think I should thank you.

Gumdramon: No Problem.

Shadow: Alright.

They look down

Gumdramon: I meant, sure you could thanks us a little...

Shadow: You should say what you mean. I guess I can spare a few words.... Thanks for meddling.

They look shock

Shoutmon: Wait, what does that mean?

He left

Hours later

At night

Ash: Thanks everyone, for everything.

USApyon Excuse us for meddling...

Misty Aw... sounds like somebody's Ear's has been pulled up. I'm just joking. Thank you, you guys.

Ash: So where are you heading?

Gumdramon: Well, you know... you and Misty seem to be getting along just fine without us hanging around.

She and Ash look blush

Jibanyan: Yep, we better go.

Whisper: Okay, before we start meddling.

Damemon: Okay.

Professor Oak: Are you trying to put me out of my job? If you keep fighting with your Pokemon at the Tournament. And how will I take care of all Pokémon?

Ash: Professor Oak, you can't abandon me now! I gotta be at the top in my game in case Team Rocket shows up again.

USApyon: Hey, are we true Heroes now?

Shoutmon: That's right! Come on, Oak, how about it?

Professor Oak: Let me see this... well, you're not wise enough... not quite... Tougher enough...

Shoutmon: Alright! We get the point here!

Professor Oak: Look, Dragon. it's not my call!

Jibanyan: Aw, come on!

Professor Oak: If it was, you'd have no problem. I'd make you all Hero's, in a heartburn?

Damemon: You sure?

Whisper: One more time, please?

Professor Oak: Er...if those are your "hero" faces, you still got a lot of work to do.

USApyon: Hey! What does that mean?

Professor Oak: Stay away!

Damemon: Oak!

Professor Oak: Just leave this man alone!

Ash and his friends saw the Star

Ash: Look at that!

Pikachu: Pika.

They saw a Star who look like Gumdramon and his friends

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