They made it to the Throne Room and found Dedede and Escargoon

USApyon: Come on, there's no way to run!

Fololo & Falala: Your time has come!

Then Dedede summon all the Monster and then it make them Scream, they are fighting them and they defeated them

Dedede: You'll pay for this!

He's escaping with Escargoon

Meta-Knight: We have to get the Star Rod back, Before ENeME gets it.

They ran off and they found out that the ENeME got the Star Rod from King Dedede

ENeME: You fool didn't Realize what your up against. I rule Dreamland now!

He is growing bigger and bigger

ENeME: Dreamland and the entire population will bow to my power!

They are fighting him and they defeated him, ENeME began to glow light from his Chest and he Scream in Pain and then they finally defeated him and the Dreamland is safe

Hours Later

Ebrum: Thank you Digimon Warrior and I'm sorry I acted that way I'm doing my purpose to protect my children and Their Friends.

Shoutmon: It's alright.

Tiff: By the Way, dad. Why did you destroy the Crystal Star for?

Ebrum: Oh... Well... You see.... It was gonna revealed the Crest.

All: What!

Ebrum: Don't worry, there's is another way. The Star Rod also has the power to reveal the Crest. So, you might about to find it.

Tiff: Where is the Crest?

Ebrum: Tiff! You should know better than that. You're a very intelligent young lady and you know where the Crest is? It's in Kirby Secret area of course. Digimon Warrior I have a request for you, get the Chest.

Damemon: We will.

They went to Kirby's Secret area and then the Star Rod is restoring the Crystal Star and it revealed the Crest of Hope, Damemon aim the Xros Loader to it and he got the Crest

Tiff: I'm so happy to see you guys again. And tell me, Damemon, you and your Friends world. What does it look like?

Damemon: Oh, yeah about that. We're sorry, we lie to you.


Tiff: Oh, it's alright. We're good. But if you travel other worlds with them. Maybe I can too... So many places! So many people to see! Kirby will take me there to see one. I'll find a way, somehow and I'm sure of it.

Fololo: (Sigh) Well, do us a favor.

Falala: When you find it.

Both: Leave us out of it (Sigh)

Damemon and his friends left this world

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