Fico, Bender, Owen, Doki and Cody found a Clue

Fico: A clue.

He bring out his walkie talkie

Fico: Fico to Fransworth.

Fransworth: (on walkie talkie) This is Fransworth. Did you find something?

Fico: Of course, A Big something too! The boat plate of a sunken whaling ship!

Fransworth: Willy's Ship?

Fico: You guess it! No sign of the ship through, but this makes me think it WAS found after all.

Fransworth: (on walkie talkie) Nice finding, Otter. But, why would Willy hide the fact his ship was found?

Fico: No idea, but Me, Bender, Doki, Owen and Cody are going to search the lower decks to see if we can find anything else.

Fransworth: (on walkie talkie) Okay, but be careful. Those divers are everywhere.

They made here and they reunited everyone and they saw a Giant Lobster, they are fighting it and then defeated it


Then Two Person has comes out and it was Willy the Whaler and Seth Angier

All: Seth and Willy!?

Fransworth: Finally all the pieces fit.

Trent: And I know just the person who can handle them.

Minutes Later

Trent: So, Luffy, we're handing them over to you.

Luffy: Thanks you guys, and I have to say. You kids are very good in mystery, maybe me and my crew will join you.

Duncan: They almost had us fooled. Until we saw Seth pick up those divers flippers.

Gabi: And all of those pearls, he was just about to move them. Ready for the next load to come in.

Fransworth: They team up to recover Willy's sunken boat. That's how they found Pearl Reef. Then they scared everyone away and the pearls were theirs.

Seth: And we would have got away with it if it weren't for you meddling heroes. Even you, Mermaid.

Gabi: Mermaid? Aww...

Willy: I won't forget this, Luffy!

Luffy: Shut your mouth. Anyway, I'm sure we can help you on your Mystery. Because I like Mystery solving!

Bender: Me too.

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