Edward: So, Naruto... you came after all. You have me worried. I was afraid you'd given yourself up for good.

They saw him up there

Naruto: Edward! Come down here, so I can punch you!

As: So what are you guys really want?

Edward: Kingdom Hearts.

He take off his hood and he's an eagle

Edward: When Kingdom Hearts is ours, we can exist fully and completely. So you see, Naruto- that's why we need your Heartless AND your Nobody!

They are fighting the Nobodies, and Edward left the Village, they went after him and he's gone,

Daffy: Where did he go?

He saw Sakura at the Balcony, she saw her friends and they warning him, she has to be hidden and he saw the Scroll from Naruto's Father

Sukara: Look! The Scroll!

The Edward Kidnapped her, and went to the Forest

Naruto: Let her go! And you have to leave my village!

Edward: As you wish, but I'd rather travel light... What shall I leave behind? Sakura... or your Father's Scroll...

Naruto: Sakura!

Sakura punch Edward to the Chest and she grab the Scroll and run

Ace: Good going!

They are going to fight Edward, the are fighting him and they defeated him

Edward: (Scream)

He's Fading away

Hours later

Sakura: I got your scroll back from him.

Naruto: Sakura...

Sakura: I know.. you want me to leave the village.

They look sad

Naruto: What matter is... I won't let Edward hurt you... you're safe again.

They look happy

Naruto: And... I'm very happy to you... for bringing my father's scroll back to me. Thank you.

Sakura looks happy.

Sukara: I do this for a friend like you. You've been good for control the Kyubi. And you didn't have to be.

Naruto: Listen, Sakura... Well... I....

Ace: Just say it!

Kakashi: You have to say it!

Niji: We're counting on you.

Sasuke: You have to say for her.

Shikamaru: We have confidence.

Wile: Don't be so nervous.

Daffy: You have to try!

Naruto: I... I want you to stay here in my village. With me. Please?

Sakura: Sure. I like too?

They hugged

Ace: Hey, did you see the look on Sakura's face when she grabbed the scroll?

Daffy: Of course.

Wile: Yeah, she sure was having fun, all right.

Sasuke: She is so happy for today.

Ino: Always ready for a new adventures.

Niji: The two of them do seem made for each other.

Ace: Yeah, they sure did.

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