This is how the scene goes with G-Merl, Danielle, D-Team, Alpha Gang and their Dinosaurs encounters Black Doom and Demon God Demigra and summons a giant mutant dinosaur in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

(Then our two Heroes and D-Team, A-Team and their Dinosaurs encounters Black Doom and Demon God Demigra)

G-Merl: Having a little trouble with those GUN agents... are we?

Black Doom: What a pitful bunch...

G-Merl: What did you say?

Ursula: Whatever what you said, it's not nice!

Demon God Demigra: We're not here to exterminate these poor creatures. On the contrary...

Laura: What... What is he talking about?!

Rod: How should I know?

Dr. Z: What are you saying?

Demon God Demigra: Do not fear.

Black Doom: All will be revealed... tomorrow.

Rex Owen: Tomorrow!?

Zoe Drake: What does he mean by tomorrow?

Black Doom: G-Merl, you should rest. You need to be ready for tomorrow's ritual.

(Then a giant black theropod with razor sharp teeth big arms, three claws and spikes on it's back appears)

Demon God Demigra: Let's see if you and your friends test out fighting that dinosaur.

G-Merl: You scum! You're going down!

Max Taylor: Let's do this!

(The D-Team and Alpha Gang turns their dinosaurs into cards)

D-Team: Dino Slash!

Max Taylor: Triceratops! Roar!

Rex Owen: Carnotaurus! Blow them away!

Zoe Drake: Spring up! Parasaurolophus!

(Chomp, Ace and Paris grew into full size Dinosaurs)

Alpha Gang: Alpha Slash!

Ursula: Blaze! Tyrannosaurus!

Zander: Gush out! Spinosaurus!

Ed: Shake them up! Saichania!

(Terry, Spiny and Tank grew into full size Dinosaurs)

Danielle: (Surprised seeing this) Amazing!

G-Merl: Let's take down that black creature dinosaur!

(The Giant Mutant Black Creature Dinosaur viciously charges and attacks the heroes)

Max Taylor: That thing sure is dangerous!

Rod: And Deadly!

G-Merl: We've got to keep fighting!

(The Mutant Dinosaur breaths fire but the heroes dodge)

Rex Owen: That dinosaur can breath fire?!

Ursula: Let me take it down! Volcano burst!

(She slashes the card as Terry unleash the Volcano burst attack on the giant mutant dinosaur, but it's still standing)

Max Taylor: It's still standing?

Danielle: Now what do we do?

G-Merl: We gotta find it's weak spot.

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