Antauri went there and then Nova, Otto, Sparx and Gibson appeared

All: Gibson? Spark?

Both: Now? Otto? Antauri?

They saw the Formless combined together and it created a giant one, thy are fighting it and they are finish it

Nova: Together!

All: Right!

They fight together and they defeated it

Nova: We did it.

Antauri: Looks like we got so stronger.

Sparx: Yeah.

Gibson: Oh! Me and Sparx have those Tickets.

They gave them Tickets

Antauri: What for?

Sparx: Lifetime pass at the Looney Tunes Town... He said to... He said to take 3 People.

Otto: Like is?

They laugh

Nova: Listen, Sparx. We have to take you home.

Sparx: Don't worry, Nova. And beside that Skeleton Monkey is done, he won't ever say stuff to Antauri

Antauri: (Gasp) You saw a Skeleton Monkey?

Sparx: Well.... Yeah.

Antauri: Him Again. Sparx, you better go home with Nova, Otto and Gibson.

Gibson: No. Me and Sparx wants to go with you.

Antauri: I'll be fine. I have to do this on my mission. Because we have a long journey ahead of us. I don't Sparx to get hurt.

Nova: So what is your Mission, Antauri? It's not like what Chiro told you about.

Antauri: Don't worry about me. I'll have to keep fighting the Darkness.

Otto: I don't think so. Me and Nova went many World's to see and we know what you have done to the people. You couldn't just put yourself so close to the darkness.

Sparx: Nova, Otto! Listen to yourself. Antauri would never-

Antauri: You two were spying on me? Is that what He said to do? 

Nova: Chiro is just...

They look down

Sparx: Nova, Otto...

Antauri: I see.

He's gone a leave

Sparx: Antauri!

Antauri: Just stay out! I'm on my own, okay?

He left

Otto: Antauri! Listen to me, Chiro has no reason to distrust you, really? He was just worried about you.

Sparx: Way a go, making him upset.

Otto: Now you get it, Sparx. Chiro cared about Antauri so much.

Gibson: And... Are you here to take him home?

Nova: Well...

Gibson: Nova, Otto. I know we are Animal Warriors, but... You've have to let it go on your heads. Me and Sparx will go find Antauri.

They all left

Otto: Antauri, Sparx, Gibson...

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