Here is how the heroes fight against Apocalypse and the Horsemen and how the four villains retreat in War of the Apocalypse.

(we see Apocalypse and his remaining three Horsemen standing in front of the pyramid)

Apocalypse: Let's see if they hear this.(in his amplified voice) Hiatt! I know you are out there! We are still connected.(touches his right temple) Come out and face me!

(with the Heroes)

Captain America: It's only a matter of time before he finds us.

Iron Man: You all stay here. We'll deal with this. You too Peter.

Spider-Man: What?!

Nighlock: He's part of Team Iron Man, Tony. He's coming with us.

(they head out to face them)

Team Cap and Team Iron Man:(line up to charge them)

Apocalypse: So foolish.

(they line up as well)

Falcon(Avengers): What do we do guys?

Captain America: We take them down.

(they walk to the enemy)

Magneto: They never learn.

(they walk to them as well)

(the two factions run to Nur and his followers)

Storm(X-Men): I really wish they would stop!

Apocalypse: We never stop either!

(they start running as well)

(the two factions then start sprinting)

(Nur and his followers sprint as well, with Storm and Magneto hovering in the air)

(the two factions continue sprinting with Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Nighlock, War Machine, Iron Man, and Vision taking to the air)

(the two sides then clash against each other)

Apocalypse:(senses something) Let's go.(teleports himself and his followers out of the city)

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