They are here at the 3rd District and then a Dream Eater appeared

Shoutmon: I got this, Psychemon.

Tororo: Alright! They pulled through for us!

Then all the Dream Eater is escaping

Garuru: We'll handle these guys. You'll take care of the boss!

Shoutmon: Got it!

They are fighting the Dream Eater and it's Escaping

Shoutmon: Aw, great!

Zoruru: Tororo, where did it go?

Tororo: Somewhere else. Out of Traverse town, and out of my reach. Looks like you have to let it go.

Pururu: So we fail for us to wake up?

Garuru: No...

Shoutmon: Guys, don't worry. I will go after it!

Garuru: Huh?

Shoutmon: You see, I am not a player. Can't we bend the rules?

Tororo: Well... I guess the rules of the world don't accept if your heart's are connected- right, Shoutmon? That's how you roll.

Shoutmon: Yeah! Then it's settled.

Then a Crest of Reliability appeared

Garuru: Hey, Ace. Thank you. It wasn't easy, without you.

Shoutmon: Yeah.

Pururu: Boy, Garuru. You've changed now.

Garuru: What do you mean?

Pururu: Yeah, you're less Stubborn.

Garuru: What?

Taruru: Yes, Once you find your friends, Shoutmon, you should come hang out in our home!

Garuru: See you at Keron.

Shoutmon: I will. And it's a promise.

They began to hug

Tororo: Anything I should say to Psychemon, Shoutmon?

Shoutmon: Nah. I'll see him soon.

He aim the Xros Loader to the Crest and he got it


At the Lookout

Chase: DemiDevimon! You jerk face!

DemiDevimon: I hate it when you say that!

He hold hostage to Ryder

Rocky: We'll at least he's honest, in a dishonest way.

Myotismon: Enough! No minions of mine shall be insulted so. I have great plan for DemiDevimon and for all the world's... once I have taken them for my own to Maleficent.

Fuyunyan: And listen, I've got so bad news for you- that day's never gonna come.

Myotismon: Hmph. Maybe you should take a few moments to reconsider. Or does the boy's like mean nothing to you at all?

Ryder: Fuyuynan, please! Don't say anything to him! You that let Black Doom have the-

DemiDevimon covered his mouth

Marshall: No! Ryder! Okay, Myotismon. Tell us what you want?

Myotismon: Let me say this... Shall I began with this world? I much preferred it in its darker, more ominous permutation.

DemiDevimon: That's right! This world will be covered in dark.

Fuyunyan: You're insane, Myotismon! Not even you would go through this much trouble just for that. What was it that you want?

Myotismon: (Sigh) Very perceptive. I presume you are familiar with Quartzmon, the Digimon who lead me to discover world outside of my own?

Fuyunyan: What the!? You know him!

Myotismon: As for you, of Course. Yes, he shared everything with me- how to go about winning a heart over to the darkness, and more precious, about the nine shafts of pure light- the ones that wound grand me this power I meeting conquer all worlds with Maleficent and Black Doom. However, the world's were too complex, too much for even me to contain. It seemed I had miscalculated from Maleficent. Then I came to me, of course! I can go about conquering other world in my own domination. You know you have the "data" for all the world's, do you? And now I need you to give it to me.

All: What!

Fuyunyan: What do you mean!?

DemiDevimon: Don't ever think about forgetting that. Me and Myotismon was trapped inside it. So give it to us!

Fuyunyan: How come you want the Data?

Myotismon: I think that is none of those words of yours.

He looks Angry

Fuyuynan: Don't do this... You wouldn't want that boy best's friend to get hurt from him, would we?

Myotismon: It looks like you have failed to recognise the futility of your situation. Alright then... Face your fate!

He blast his power to Fuyunyan, but someone throw a Weapon to Shield Fuyuynan and his Friends, then another just attack DemiDevimon and let go off Ryder

Skye: Light!

She use her wand to blind Myotismon and DemiDevimon and Ryder went to Keita and the Others

Ryder: Keita!

Keita: Ryder!

Fuyunyan: Myotismon.. You have been foiled!

Myotismon: (Growl)

DDemiDevimon It looks like he's right. We better go now.

Myotismon: I now know that what I seek lies within these walls that Maleficent said. Trust that I will destroy you in time time.

He left

DemiDevimon: Hey! Wait for me, Myotismon!

They left and then a Stranger who saved them has appeared

Fuyunyan: Did you... Use the Darkness to get here? That's insane! But... I never knew you would save us...

It was Impmon who saved them

Fuyunyan: Impmon.

Impmon: That's right, Floating Cat. I'm doing this for my friends. You got it?

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