This is the scene where G-Merl and the heroes fights the Black Arms and the team gets Separated in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

G-Merl: Hey, I didn't catch your name.

(the black creatures appear around them)

Ryuko Matoi: Oh crap, Black Arms!

(One tries to attack the ghost girl, but she dodges)

G-Merl: That's a weird name.

Vegeta: Not her, you idiot, Them.

(He points toward the creatures and the same one makes for another attack)

G-Merl: Right. I knew that!

(Goku jumps back and a cat-like creature appears and attacks one of the enemies. It starts to lead it down an alleyway)

Goku: Don't let 'em surround us! Let's split up!

G-Merl: Got it!

(He whips out his cyclone cannon)

???: Oh uh,'s Danielle.

G-Merl: Huh?

Dani Phantom/Fenton: Danielle Phantom.

Vegeta: You asked.

G-Merl (smiling): "Danielle Phantom." That's a mouthful!

Ryuko Matoi: No. It's really not.

(G-Merl laughs)

G-Merl: C'mon, Danielle, Let's take 'em!

Dani Phantom/Fenton: Okay.

(They defeat all the Dream Eaters and G-Merl takes a closer look at Goku's cat-like companion. It meows and prances around happily)

G-Merl: These things with Goku--they're Dream Eaters, Danielle?

Dani Phantom/Fenton: Yeah. If I'm gonna find Black Doom and save the Earth, we're gonna need some extra help. Think you could control them?

G-Merl: Sure. I guess...

(The scene flashes back to the conversation with Yen Sid)

Yen Sid: If we are ever to strike down Xehanort, we need the individuals King Mickey spoke of in his letter. We must lead them out of sorrow and slumber, and back to our world. To do so, seven Sleeping Keyholes must be found and unlocked, and a great power retrieved. As you know, every world is walled off from the next, preventing travel between them. In the past, you could bridge these gaps because the walls were broken, or because you could open special Lanes with your Keyblades. But your new goals, the "Sleeping Keyholes," are harder to reach. You'll recall, in your first journey, that you brought many worlds back from the darkness--but some never returned completely. They still sleep, cut off from all outside channels. Not even the Heartless can enter.

(He waves his hand and it glows with a white aura)

Yen Sid: But these Sleeping Worlds are said to have their own manner of darkness.

(The small image of a dog-like creature appears on the wizard's desk)

Yen Sid: They are called "Dream Eaters," and there are two kinds--"Nightmares," which devour happy dreams--and benevolent "Spirits," which consume the Nightmares.

(A lighter colored version of the creature appears beside it. It paws the air cutely and rolls over)

Yen Sid: The Dream Eaters will guide you, just as the Heartless once guided you, to the Keyhole you seek at the heart of each world.

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