This is the scene where our heroes fights Black Bull in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

[Team Robot, Goku, Shadow and Sonic came running in towards Doom's Eyes]

G-Merl: Hand over that Chaos Emerald or else!

Black Doom: So. think you have a chance against ME... do you?

Shadow: Look...He don't take orders...especially from you. But he's not here to fight you, either. I'm collecting the Emeralds to find his own answers. So why don't you just back off?!

Yoshi: Yeah, Bug-eyes, what he said!

Black Doom: You still don't know your place. do you? BLACK BULL!! I summon you!

[Black Bull suddenly appears]

Ash Ketchum: What is that?!

Serena: Oh, my!

Bonnie: Yikes!

Sora Takenouchi: That is one ugly creature!

Black Doom: Behold! The wrath of Black Arms!

[Black Bull roars at Team Robot, Goku, Shadow and Sonic]

Sonic: Woohoo! Now we're talking! Bring it on!!

Max Taylor: Looks like it's time to fight that ugly monster!

[Then, Goku went Super Saiyan]

SSJ Goku: Hehe, this is going to be one heck of a fight.

G-Merl: Hmph.

Black Doom: Come, Black Bull! Burn the entire city it's inhabitants to ash!

Sonic: Hey, check you out, big guy! Let's have some fun!

Emerl: Attack!

Ash Ketchum: Get it, Pikachu! (Picks up a Pokéball) Greninja! I choose you!

(He throws Pokéball summoning his Greninja)

Serena: Let's go Braxien!

(She throws a Pokéball summoing her Braixen)

Clemont: Let's go Luxray!

(Clemont throws a Pokéball summoning his Luxray)

G-Merl: Here I go!

(G-Merl jumps and kicks Black Bull's eye)

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu! Thunderbolt!

(Pikachu unleash the attack zapping Black Bull)

Emerl: Good job, Ash!

Ash Ketchum: No problem.

G-Merl: Watch out!

(Black Bull was about to attack but Spiny the Spinosaurus and Tank the Saichania appears and hits Black Bull away)

Max Taylor: It's Spiny and Tank!

Ursula (Dinosaur King): We're here!

Zoe Drake: Hey, old lady.

Ursula (Dinosaur King): Stop callin' me an old lady! And let's take down that monster! Alpha Slash!

(Ursula slash the card summoning Terry the Tyrannosaurus Rex grew into a full size dinosaur)

Ursula: (Puts the element booster on her Alpha Scanner) Flame up, Tyrannosaurus! Dino Tector on!

(Terry becomes his armor form)

Zander & Ed: Let's help out with Element Booster! Dino Tector on!

(Zander & Ed puts the element booster on there Alpha Scanner and Spiny and Tank transform into their armor forms)

Max Taylor: Let's go!

D-Team: Element Booster! Dino Tector on!

(The D-Team put their element booster on their dino bracer and Chomp, Ace and Paris transform into their armor forms)

Max Taylor: Take down that ugly winged monster, Chomp!

Rex Owen: Get it, Ace!

Zoe Drake: You too, Paris!

(The D-Team's dinosaurs fights Black Bull)

Ash Ketchum: Greninja, water shuriken!

Serena: Braixen, flamethrower!

(Ash's Greninja unleash the water shuriken and Serena's Braixen unleash the flamethrower attack but no effect on Black Bull)

Ash Ketchum: What? It's still standing?

G-Merl: You guys can't fight the body, it's eye is it's weak spot.

Ash Ketchum: Okay, got it! Use water shuriken on the eye!

(Greninja was about to attack but Black Bull breaths flamethrower and burn Greninja)

Ash Ketchum: Greninja! You can do it! We have to fight that monster! Let's go!

(Ash and Greninja fused to Ash-Greninja)

Demon God Demigra: What? Greninja can transform?

Black Doom: That boy and his Greninja has bond to make it transform.

Ash Ketchum: Now Greninja use cut on the eye!

(Ash-Greninja charges grabs the cut attack and stabs Black Bull's eye)

Emerl: Now, use your dinosaurs to create a fusion move!

Max Taylor: Okay!

(The D-Team and Alpha Gang slash their cards as there dinosaurs unleash their attacks they combined into a fusion move and Goku unleash his Kamehameha and finish off Black Bull)

Sonic: Yes! End of the line for you!

(With that, G-Merl grabed the Chaos Emerald)

G-Merl: Out of our way, alien monster!

(Then Ash-Greninja transform back into normal Greninja)

Ash Ketchum: Nice work, Greninja!

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