Here is how Filthy Rich's visit and discussion, Getting Randall Boggs and Play for the Field goes in The Headliners.

Diamond Tiara: You know, I haven't been on an actual field in years.

Silver Spoon: Neither have I.

Diamond Tiara: You know, Golden Scissor, Baseball is America and Equestria's pastime. That's like saying you've never had apple pie.

Golden Scissor: That's beyond cool, Mom.

Silver Spoon: Bronze Bracelet, You and Golden Scissor have to try Baseball. It's the best. Let's come back here later and hit some balls.

Bronze Bracelet: Okay, Mom.

Golden Scissor: Mom, Auntie Silver Spoon, Can Yuna and the others play too and bring Princess Sharon as our coach? 

Bronze: Bracelet: I'll ask her to bring Randall Boggs. He has never played either.

Diamond Tiara: Well, If it's alright with Princess Luna.

Silver Spoon: Alright.

Golden Scissor: Yes!

Bronze Bracelet: High Hoof, Cousin! (high hooves)

Later, Sharon went to see Randall Boggs.

Princess Sharon: Hey, Randall!

Randall Boggs: Hey there, Princess Sharon. What brings you here? I've heard your cousin, Yuna saved Canterlot from that wicked Jester.

Princess Sharon: Since when?

Randall Boggs: Since before I was reformed.

Princess Sharon: Randall, We need your help. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon wants us to hit some baseballs with me, Yuna and her friends. Can you help?

Randall Boggs: Of course, Count me in.

Princess Sharon: Great. Let's go.

As Yuna and the others went to Diamond, Silver, Snips and Snails' home.

Filthy Rich: Stephen, Look who we have here.

Stephen: Hello, Everyone!

Turbo: Hey, Stephen, Filthy Rich.

Golden Scissor: Grandpa Rich! (hugged his Grandfather)

Filthy Rich: Hey there, Golden Scissor. How's my grandson doing?

Golden Scissor: I'm doing great! Bronze Bracelet and I are going to play baseball with Yuna and her friends

Filthy Rich: Well, Ain't that nice?!

Chet: This is going to be tougher then I thought.

Bronze Bracelet: Is everything ready, Yuna?

Princess Yuna: Ready, Bronze Bracelet.

Snowdrop: I never played baseball, Because I was blind.

Iago: If it'll make you feel better, One of us will be your eyes. How's that?

Snowdrop: Sounds great.

Diamond Tiara: Dad? Do you know where I packed those baseball mitts for me and Silver Spoon?

Filthy Rich: No, Diamond. I haven't.

Bronze Bracelet: Mom! Auntie Diamond! I found them!

Silver Spoon: That's good.

Snails: Hi, Honey! We're home!

Snips: What's up, D.T.?

Diamond Tiara: We're doing some baseball practice.

Princess Yuna: We're off practicing baseball, Mama!

Snowdrop: We won't be gone long!

Princess Luna: Alright, Have fun!

Princess Yuna: Come on, Guys. We got a game to practice.

Turbo: Let's do it!

Nyx: Okay!

Later, At the field.

Princess Sharon: Gotta keep your eye on the ball.

Snowdrop: Throw!

Yuna throws it to Joshua.

Joshua: (caught the ball) Yes! You're an amazing coach.

Princess Sharon: Thanks.

Joshua: Head's up, Katrina! (throws it to her sister)

Katrina: I got it! (caught the ball)

Chet: Nice catch!

Whiplash: Let's see what those foals had, Garden Snail!

Golden Scissor: I got it! I got it! (gets hits) Ow!

Pound Cake: Sorry, Golden Scissor!

Golden Scissor: That's okay, Pound Cake!

Suddenly, Roar Omega Roar returned.

Johnny J. Worthington III: Hey, We have this field reserved.

Princess Yuna: You guys were the ones picking on Golden Scissor and Bronze Bracelet today.

Chet Alexander: So? You dirt bags have to get off this field.

Princess Sharon: Where's your coach?

Johnny J. Worthington III: He's on the island of Noneya ... "Noneya" business! We have practice here, so go, ho!

Princess Sharon: Hey, well, no coach, no field. Sorry.

Chet Alexander: Leave our field, or you'll pay the consequences!

Chet: What is this, Children of the Corn?

Chet Alexander: I'm gonna call the cops.

Pound Cake: Pumpkin Cake and I are cops. We're Navy SEALs.

Chet Alexander: Navy SEALs aren't cops. Or are they?

Johnny J. Worthington III: (Sarcastically) Aren't you two shrimps working for your Mommy and Daddy?

Pumpkin Cake: We're undercover.

Nyx: All right, you jerks, you want the field so bad? We'll play you for it.

Johnny J. Worthington III: But there's no way you losers have what it takes to win.

Princess Yuna: So you should beat us no problem.

Zeñorita Cebra: ¿Qué, tienes miedo?

Roger: Are you jerks scared?

Johnny J. Worthington III: No.

Treasurer: Yeah, chicken. (making chicken noise)

Princess Sharon: It's fair. If you wanna practice this field, We'll play you for it.

Johnny J. Worthington III: I'm gonna go ask our team.

The Roar Omega Roar huttled.

Joshua: This is a bad idea. They look tough.

Princess Yuna: You saw what they did to Golden Scissor and Bronze Bracelet today.

Princess Sharon: We'll do it together, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: You bet, Big cousin.

Johnny J. Worthington III: Alright, We'll do it.

Princess Yuna: Here's the deal. If we win, It'll be ours to share.

Johnny J. Worthington III: But, If we win, You squirts will leave and never come back.

Princess Yuna: (as they shook on it) Deal.

And so, The game begins.

Princess Sharon: Come on, Team!

Snowdrop: You can do it, Yuna!

Princess Yuna: Here goes nothing.

Chet Alexander: Johnny, strike this loser out.

Johnny J. Worthington III: (pitches and Yuna hits the Bat)

Yuna and her friends are winning.

Johnny J. Worthington III: No way!

Princess Yuna: (made a home run with one gigantic hit as the bat swings and hits the ball out of sight)

Princess Skyla: Alright, Yuna!

Princess Yuna: I did it!

SpongeBob and Patrick: (watching the game and eating Popcorn, Pretzels, Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy and drinking Soda)

Princess Yuna: I won!

Armor Blade: Alright, Yuna!

Sweetie Heart: We won!

Princess Yuna: And Johnny? I believe this share belongs to us too.

Johnny J. Worthington III: I don't believe this!

Round Up: In your face!

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