Here is how Filthy Rich visits again, Game 5: Semi-Finals and Healiners vs Oozma Kappa goes in The Headliners.

The next morning

Filthy Rich: Did I miss everything?

Golden Scissor: Grandpa Rich! (hugged his grandfather)

Filthy Rich: Hello, Golden Scissor! Mr. McDuck, How's the game going?

Scrooge McDuck: Very well, Filthy Rich. How're you, Stephen?

Stephen: Fine, Thank you.

Filthy Rich: I heard the Semi-Finals is at Monstropolis.

Scrooge McDuck: You heard it correctly.

Stephen: Yes.

Filthy Rich: Great. I sure can hardly wait to see my own Grandson playing baseball.

Scrooge McDuck: You won't be disappointed.

Princess Sharon: It will be a great success.

The Game 5 is on.

Perch Perkins: Perch Perkins here with GIR and Chet Ubetcha, Welcome to the Semi-Finals of McDuck's tournament! Oozma Kappa stands between the Headliners and the final game! Meanwhile, the Headliners fans are attempting their first wave ever.

GIR: Put your hands in the air! Wave it like ya just don't care!

Perch Perkins: (laughs) You're crazy, Ya know that? Crazy.

Chet Ubetcha: Yes Siree, Perch. This is Chet Ubetcha saying Play Ball!

Meanwhile, Ozzy and Strut are carrying out the plan.

Strut: Do you think the plan will work, Ozzy?

Ozzy: Let's hope so. Now, All we have to do is wait until someone reach home run.

Back with the Headliners, Yuna, Skyla and Twila made home run.

Perch Perkins: It's a hit parade!

Princess Yuna: Alright!

Perch Perkins: Two outs and the Headliners hanging on, 6-5!

Strut: Now, Ozzy?

Ozzy: Not yet, Strut.

Princess Skyla: (running to home run)

Strut: Now?

Ozzy: Now!

Strut: (throws the trap on home base)

Princess Skyla: (reached home base and stepped on the trap) Ah! My Hoof!

Perch Perkins: Top of the sixth! Headliners leading, 7-5!

GIR: Skyla Hurts her Hoof!

5: Boy, That looks rough.

9: Is it broken?

Princess Skyla: A little, I can't pitch on that condition. Bronze Bracelet, Can you pitch for me?

Bronze Bracelet: Sure. I'll help.

Perch Perkins: And Bronze Bracelet steps in as the new pitcher!

GIR: Game on!

Bronze Bracelet: (starts to pitch)

The Headliners won!

Perch Perkins: And it forced in the winning run and sends the Headliners to the finals!

Princess Yuna: Good game, Mike.

Mike Wazowski: Thanks, Yuna.

Princess Conrnelia: Bravo, Headliners!

Duchess Petunia: Well done!

Snowdrop: We're gonna be in the finals!

Turbo: Yes!

Super Jetstream: Alright!

Strut: There goes that plan.

Ozzy: Let's go get permission from Swackhammer to put our plan into action.

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