Final Wars Part 1 is the tenth episode of the fourth season in Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures Chronicles.


After many adventures, our heroes prepare to celebrate Brian and Sylveon's wedding anniversary! But however, Ernie has called many of the villains our heroes have faced off many years, and is planning to make evil, chaos, and terror to spread out all over the world, and makes an army of Orcs! And our heroes now have to make one last battle, to save the day.


Under the stars/At a fancy hotel

After all the amazing escapades over the years of the Chronicles, Brian and Sylveon relax under the stars, and think back to some of the adventures (even Wrath of the Country). Then Brian realizes that it's getting close to there ninth wedding anniversary and Sylveon remembers it too, and they decided to make plans for a party tomorrow. And they sing Love is an Open Door. Meanwhile, Ernie has gathered up the villains that our heroes have faced over the years, and Dodge asks why there all down at a hotel. Ernie explains that it's the year of the "Evil Ring", witch confuses them. Ernie explains that it controls Kaiju's and Legendary Pokémon, and with that being said, it makes the rest of the villains excited. And Sonata asks when will they start, and Ernie explains right now.

The Anniversary under construction/The villains find the Evil Ring

Meanwhile, Bob and the Can-Do-Crew started constructing a ball for where the party is going to be. And Pinkie (Equine and human), Pepper, and Spud get very excited too, because of the food there gonna have. And Lois tells Brian and Sylveon, it's gonna be the best anniversary party, since her's and Peter's. Then Brian goes down, and Thomas asks what's wrong. And Brian explains that it was the adventures worth it, and he heads towards a balcony and Sylveon and the royals followed. You'll Play Your Part begins playing. Meanwhile in the Congo, the villains locate the evil ring, and R2-Q5 blasts down a strange ruin door. And there inside, was the Evil Ring! And Ernie takes it and prepares an idea, then Celestia wakes up from a bad dream. And Luna asks her what's wrong, and then they both explain what's going on.

The story of the Evil Ring/Ernie's plans

The next morning, the royals explain about the Evil Ring. And how it contains incredible powers, but whoever controls the Evil Ring, will loose themselves to it. Twilight asks if there's a Good Ring, Luna explains there is. But don't know where it could be found, then with the villains. Ernie explains that he's gonna use the Evil Ring to rule the world, with a new army of Orcs and Xenomorphs! But first, they need to take care of something.

Canterlot castle attacked!

At Canterlot, our heroes wonder where the Good Ring is, but then TIE Fighters attack! Outside, the First Order are attacking Canterlot and the big ships head for the Castle, and there was Ernie force pulling the Royals, but Thomas grabs them. And our heroes make a getaway to the Everfree Forest.

Taking refugee in the Everfree Forest

Soon, they arrive at Zecora's Hutt. And Zecora knows about the Evil and Good Rings too, and Sylveon asks her where the Good Ring is. Princess Luna explains that, Brian and Sylveon's Wedding rings are the Good Ring!




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