Here is how the final battle, Shaw's death, Jafar and Iago are captured, and ending goes in Pooh's Adventures of The Myth of Burton.

(We see Mystique[in disquise]talking to Shaw)

Sebastian Shaw: Thank you get some rest scout, you'll need it.

Mystique: Thank you.(turns her eyes flash yellow)

Jafar: Well that was easier than I thought.

Iago: I thought they would put up a challenge.

Sebastian Shaw: It does not matter. Now we unleash our weapon.

Lookout: Ship sighted!

Iago: A ship?! We are miles from water! How can there be a ship.

(a laser blast destroys the gate and kills the lookouts)

(and behind it was the whole RFA)

Jafar: Thay're alive?!

Sebastian Shaw: Man battle stations!(gets hit with a blast that temporarily deactivates his powers)

Nighlock: Get Selene. Taser with me. Time to defeat Shaw.

(they charge and attack him brutally, sharing Nighlock's shield)

Sebastian Shaw:(sends out a shockwave with his powers)

(they both fire energy beams until they begin wearing down)

Selene: If Anthony doesn't get an advantage soon, he's done for.

(they fire beams again, and this time, Nighlock wins and pushes Shaw's powers out of him)

Sebastian Shaw:(while disintegrating)Ahhh!(leaving nothing behind but his skeleton and war torn clothes)


Jafar: Sebastian maybe gone, but I am still here.

War Machine:(fires weapons at him)

Ant-Man: Rhody, catch!(throws him Jafar's lamp)

War Machine: Back to the lamp with you.(stuns him with a sonic blast and sucks him into the lamp)

Jafar: Nooo!

(we cut to a few days later, where Nighlock is in a hospital bed with his partner sitting next to him)

Nighlock: How long have I been out?

Red Smoke: A few days. We won. Whatever is left of the Hellfire Club is being hunted, or arrested. No one knows where Team Rocket or the Duke is, but there were sightings of a black glider picking them up.

Nighlock: Dark Eagle.

(we cut to see the team receiving medals, we see them at a party and Sunset getting ready to leave)

Nighlock: But don't worry, you'll see us again.

(we see the team and Deadpool)

Nighlock: Wade Wilson, after helping us when we needed you, I am proud to present you with an official membership card.(gives it to him)

(suddenly, symbols appeared on everyone)

(Nighlock's was on his chest, Taser's was on her chest and shoulders, Malfunction's was on his chest and sword hilt, and the others were on their shoulders)

Nighlock: The team symbol.

Shadowcat: Hey.(kisses him on the lips) Thanks for everything.

Nighlock:(kisses her back) It was nothing.

Indominus Rex:(nudges him into her) I don't need the psychic bond to know what you're thinking.(puts on the music from Beauty and the Beast)

(Kitty just smiles and Nighlock smiles back as the two slow dance with each other)

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