They found Donkey Kong at the Jungle

Diddy: DK! Come on, listen to me. I know they are not from around, but we become good friends, because... Because. They need us.

Komajiro: Do you think he get it, Zura?

Jibanyan: No really, nyan.

Diddy: DK?

He left

Diddy: Aw, come on.

Shoutmon: Where did he went?

Diddy: Looks like he went to the Beach over. Let's go.

Gumdramon: I wonder what's up?


Funky Kong us surfing from the Waves and he didn't know that the Captain Scurvy is aiming him from the Cannon, he's fired it to Funky Kong, then Shoutmon yell at him and Funky Kong fell down to the Water and then the Cannon ball has went into the Water

Shoutmon: What's up with up!? Are you trying to get yourself killed?!

Then Donkey Kong look so Sad

Diddy: Wait, Donkey Kong. You don't understand.

He walk away

Diddy: Great. Way a go, Funky Kong. Now DK think's that I was distracting him.

Funky: Wait, dude. You don't understand. I was trying to... Spy on Captain Scurvy from him, you see I was trying to find out what he's planning.

They went back to Town and Candy look so Upset

Candy: Why would you do that for!?

Funky: Listen, Candy. I know what I did, beside I can't stand around and do nothing from-

Candy: You will never go surfing again. Beside, K. Rool has taken over then Island except our town.

Funky: All right! Alright! I promise I won't do it again.

Candy: Good.

Then they heard an Explosion

They investigate and they saw Heartless surrounded the People

All: Heartless!

They are saving the People from them

Citizen: Thank you for saving me. But there are many monster around the Island, and they are attacking the People. You better saved them.

They went off to save the People from the Heartless and they did it. Then Captain Scurvy appeared

Gumdramon: Not this again.

They are fighting him and they defeated him


Dixie is running and ran into Candy

Candy: Careful, Dixie.

Dixie: Sorry.

Then Someone has appeared in the House and they look so scare

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