Luigi and Mario are looking at the Lake

Luigi: Look, Mario. Something is floating this way.

Mario: I think you're right, Luigi. Look.

They saw E.gadd with his Vehicles

Both: E.Gadd?

Mario: E.Gadd! Is that you?

E.Gadd: Of course, it's me. Could you help me, my Vehicles is out fuel. And I'm dragging away!

Gumdramon save Him

E.Gadd: Thank you, Mario. You know, I was testing my vehicle, and it seemed like something was missing. And something still missing.

Luigi: E.gadd! I think you're Invention is missing!

E.Gadd: Is that what's missing? Let's see... Yes, lost it again. Wonder whether it went this time. I gonna fix it, but I don't know where it is. But I don't know why anybody'd look for it. Probably won't find it anyway...

Mario: Gumdramon, why don't we look for E.Gadd Invention?

Toadsworth: Lost something? Searching from a high place is the quickest way to find it!

Gumdramon: Toadsworth, can you look around and help us find E.gadd Invention?

Toadsworth: Sorry, I'm too old to find them. But I can offer good advice! Of course, you don't have to if you don't want to. See that trampoline over there? Take Mario there. You're too small to jump high, but Mario should do it. I'll tell you more, when you get there.

They made to the trampoline

Toadsworth: Here's what to do. First, you hold the Trampoline.

Gumdramon: Like that?

Toadsworth: Then hold it tight, when Mario jump.

He hold it tight and Mario jump

Gumdramon: How's that?

Toadsworth: Not bad, here's the next step. Hold it tight before he jump back to the bottom. If you time it right, Mario will jump higher and higher. Try it! I'll help you with the timing. When I lift my cane. Hold to soon, Mario will fell off the Tampoline. Hold too late. He'll go too high.

He hold it and Mario has jump higher and went into E.Gadd's Lab

E.Gadd: My lab! And it's that my missing Invention?

E.gadd is fixing it

Mario: How's it looking?

E.Gadd: There we go! My Invention is working. Thanks, everyone.

Mario: I wish we could put the Mushroom Kingdom back the way it was, too!

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