Damemon wake up this wold with his new outfit

Damemon: Huh? Where am I? Huh, what's with the outfit? Hmm, I guess I kinda like it. I wonder where I am?

He went off and saw a Carnival

Damemon: Wow!

And he saw Toadsworth

Toadsworth: Oh, Goombario why would you run off like this. I know he wants to have funny around here, but he can't just leave me all alone. He is my good student and I have make sure i can take care of him. Well, Toadsworth. It's time for you to find him.

Damemon: Toadsworth? Wait, Gumdramon told me all about him.

He approach him

Damemon: Toadsworth?

Toadsworth: Huh? Who are you? You should be here.

Damemon: What? Why not? I just met you Toadsworth from my friend Gumdramon.

Toadsworth: You know my name? That's very nice of you to call me that. But one more thing, you said Gumdramon met me? Did he?

Damemon: Hm... Oh, I get it.

Flashback has started

Yen Sid: In the Sleeping Worlds, real time does not flow. Unless one restores the world by waking it from its slumber, it will stay locked in a dream forever. Thus, you may encounter familiar faces... But they are just figments of the dream. In actuality, they are sound asleep- trapped within a world that is also sleeping. What's more, whilst someone may no longer dwell in the real version of a world, dreams may paint a fuller picture, and restore what seems to be missing.

Flashback has ended

Damemon: So the real Toadsworth didn't get trapped in this world, so maybe... It's like the dream world's putting him back where he belongs.

Toadsworth: Uh, pardon me, what are you talking about?

Damemon: Nothing. It's great to meet you, Toadsworth.

Toadsworth: Well, yes- it's great to meet you.

Damemon: Hold on. Why did you say I need to get out of here?

Toadsworth: Hmm... Oh, yeah. You see, this Carnival is a bad place, boys are making mess and turning themselves into evil. And I don't like it here. And now, Goombario just wondered off on his own. (Gasp) That's right. That why I know you names. Goombario told me.

Damemon: He did? How come?

Flashback has started

Toadsworth: Goombario, why would ran off like this?

Goombario: I'm so sorry, I was on my way to see you, but i want to to the circus with my friend.

Toadsworth: Really? And what happen?

Goombario: Well, I want go alone for the ride.

Toadsworth: Are you sure? Ah! Goombario you gonna keep Lying forever.

Goombario: I'm sorry, I won't lie again. Even though the Black Coat person told me about Damemon, Gumdramon and Damemon.

Toadsworth: What? Goombario you cannot keep... Wait, it looks like you tell the truth. Right?

Goombario: Of course I am.

Then Rosalina appeared

Both: Rosalina?!

Rosalina: Goombario, why would keep Lying like this. You know what will happen if you have no feet.

Goombario: I'm so sorry. Rosalina, I won't lie again.

Rosalina: Good. And promise you won't do it.

Goombario: I will.

Rosalina: Now it's time for me to go. Bye.

Goombario: Bye!

She disappeared

Flashback has ended

Damemon: A Black Coat person?

Toadsworth: Forget about him! If I don't find Goombario. He be in big trouble.

Damemon: Okay, then let me help you find him.

Toadsworth: You're helping us, finding him? Wonderful! Let's go. And one more thing, how did you know you're friend know Goombario?

Damemon: Oh... Um... Guys! Look! I see him!

They saw Goombario running around the Circus

Toadsworth: Oh my, Goombario!

Damemon: Come on.

Toadsworth: Let's go!

They went to find him and they found him

Damemon: Goombario! There you are! Toadsworth worried about you, you should better-

He turned into a Dream Eater

Toadsworth: Yikes!

Damemon: Dream Eaters!

Damemon are fighting the Dream Eater and he finish them

Damemon: Those Dream Eaters were pretending to be Goombario. So... Where is he?

Toadsworth: Look! Up there at the top of the Tower!

They saw him up there

Damemon: Alright! Let's head up there!

They went up there and found him

Damemon: Whoa, Goombario. How did you get up here? Come on, let's go take you back home.

Then he turned into a Dream Eater and Disappeared

Toadsworth: Aw. Another Imposter.

They saw Goombario going to the Tent

Damemon: Toadsworth! Look, he's walking to the Carnival.

Toadsworth: I think so... If he's the real one.

Damemon: Don't give up. Let's go find him and quick.

They went there and found him trapped in a Cage

All: Toadsworth!

Goombario: Toadsworth! Help!

Toadsworth: He got Captured from them! We have to do something!

Damemon: Don't worry.

He went up and save him

Damemon: Goombario, you're alright.

Goombario: I'm okay.

Damemon: And for now, you two better get out of here.

They left, Damemon is fighting the Dream Eater and then a Digimon appeared

Damemon: Huh? Who are you?

And then Apocalymon appeared

Damemon: Apocalymon!?

Damemon: That's insane!

Apocalymon: Oh my, a hollow creature that's managed to grow a heart. Just imagine that.

Damemon: Goombario isn't anything for Nobodies. But if Goombario could be given one- shouldn't you be able to have a heart inside you, too?

Apocalymon: (Chuckled) Maybe. However... Do not forget that you, your friends and yourself, are not so very different from us, Damemon.

They disappear

Damemon: How am I anything like a Nobody? I don't get it.

He left the Carnival

Damemon: Well, I hope they got home safe.

Then he saw Rosalina

Rosalina: Are you Damemon?

Damemon: Well, yes.

Rosalina: I'm Rosalina.

Damemon: Oh. Goombario told me about you.

Rosalina: Thank you. And I have something to tell you. Goombario and Toadsworth are going to find their friends who has been taken away.

Damemon: What? Have you told Goombario and Toadsworth about it yet?

Rosalina: I did. And when I told them their Friends are in the Toyland, from General Guy. Those two ran off to find them. And they are very determined to save them.

Damemon: But that's crazy. I've have to find them!

He went off to find them

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