He went to woods and found Gosalyn

Antuari: That might be her.

He approach her

Antuari: Little girl?

Gosalyn: Whoa! Who are you?

Antuari: I'm Antuari.

Gosalyn: Keen Gear! You're look like a Robot.

Antuari: Actually, I am.

Gosalyn: Oh. Why you come here?

Antuari: I want to find Gosalyn.

Gosalyn: That's my name! How did you know?

Antuari: That's her. That Duck just wants her. She's the one.

Gosalyn: Are you feeling, Alright?

Antuari: Sorry, do you know a Leader who was controlling the Unversed?

Gosalyn: Nope, Sorry.

Antuari: Great.

Then an Unversed has appeared and it scared Gosalyn 

Gosalyn: I'm going home!

Antuari: Wait! You can't go alone!

Then the Unversed stop him

Antuari: Move!

They are fighting them and then Gosalyn is gone

Antuari: Great. She's gone. She said she doesn't know about that leader. That leaves me with just one other option. Him... back at the city.

He returned 

Negaduck: Why, are you back? You're supposed to bring that girl to me.

Antuari: I lost her. And why would you want her for?

Negaduck: Because I want her to be Kidnap from me. And you failed me.

Antuari: I don't want to do this. You know, you want his Daughter to be Kidnap and take that Vampire Heart from you. And I don't want to do this to them. And I know you have thick heart.

Negaduck: Why you little.... guys, get him!

They look so afraid

Negaduck: Why you look scared?

Bushroot: He's stronger then us, of course. And I don't think we can't fight him.

Negaduck: That's it!

He blast them with a Ray and they look so stronger and then Antuari has been teleported from them and he is fighting them

Hours Later

Antauri has return from that Dimension and then 4 Villains has comes out

Negaduck: How did you do that?

Antuari: I defeated them. Now tell me, where the leader is.

Negaduck: Okay, okay. I found out where he is.

He's using a machine and it analysing 

Negaduck: It say "Beyond both light and dark he dwells, where war was waged upon the fells." And that it.

Antuari: Is that all?

Negaduck: Yes.

Antuari: Okay. You've been a big help.

He left

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