They went off to find Jody and they met John Tanaka

Falcon: John, have you seen Jody anywhere?

John: She's right over there.

Jody approach him

Jody: All, Falcon what brings you here?

Falcon: I never back down from a Challenge. But the reason im here is because we heard you took s Memory jar from Dr. Stewart's Lab

Jody: Memory? You mean like this?

She show them a Leaf

Jody: Falcon, I have bad feeling about this. I heard this thing has dark powers and it could cause disaster.

Falcon: Listen, nothing can go wrong. Once we get the Heartless the heart, they'll be able to perform just as I envisioned it.

Jody look down

Falcon: Don't worry, you're gonna like this.

They all left and Blood Falcon is watching them

Blood Falcon: A Heart, huh? So those folks are making a heart, huh? My master would be pleased (Laugh)


Stewart: Ah, good job gentlemen. Thank you for bringing me the memory again.

Falcon: Now, let's try this again.

Stewart: Not yet. I've been thinking to perfect it we need one more thing.

USApyon: And what would that be, Dani?

Stewart: The last item we need is with Dr. Clash. He's at the F-Zero garage. Head over there but knowing him he's going to probably have yo do something weird.

Jibanyan: Like what, nyan?

Stewart: Don't know. But just be careful.


Black Shadow: (Laugh) A Heart? So, that fool is really making a heart? If I had that hesrt then I could become more powerful. I'll take over Mute City and can do as I please. Not even Captain Falcon or the Elite Mobile Task force could stop me. Blood Falcon, get me the heart! Now! (Laugh)

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