(On the steps of the Mysterious Tower, a duck and a dog sit, waiting)

Goofy: Gawrsh, the King must be pretty far away by now...

Donald: Aww...

(A shooting beam of light strikes the ground with a loud boom, sending the two shrieking. They get their bearing and stare into the light, gasping)

Donald: King Mickey!

(Ven and his friends lays on the ground, holding the Star Shard as the light dies down)

Goofy: Nope, doesn't look like him.

(Goofy sighs but shakes it off)

Goofy: Look! That feller's got the Star Shard the King borrowed!

Ventus: King? Oh, you must be talking about Mickey.

(They stands up)

Ventus: We saw him--

(They run over and start pushing them toward the door of the tower)

Ventus: Wha--Huh? Hey, take it easy!

Spyro: What are you doing?

Donald: Are we glad to see you!

(They enter the Tower and meet before Yen Sid)

Goofy (standing at attention): Yen Sid, sir! We just got a clue as to where the King might be!

(Ven and his friends looks at both of them)

Yen Sid: Ah, Ventus. Spyro. Pop Fizz.

Ventus & Spyro (surprised): Huh?

Optimus: Eraqus has told Yen Sid much about you. If I am not mistaken, you were ordered to return home.

Ventus: Well, sir, me and Spyro...

Optimus: No matter. Mickey has difficulty following directions, too.

(Ven and Spyro chuckles)

Yen Sid: Where is this clue to Mickey's whereabouts?

Donald: I've got it!

(He places the Star Shard on Yen Sid's desk)

Goofy: This feller Venquist--uh, Ventilate...uh, Veggie--

Donald (angrily): Just call him Ven!

Ventus: Sure. That's what I usually go by.

Pop Fizz: And that's his Short name.

Donald: Ven had it when he got here.

Yen Sid: Please, explain.

Ventus: We ran into Mickey. But we got sent flying into the light--we don't know where he went.

(Donald and Goofy sigh)

Ventus: He wasn't in the same world as the one where we found that.

Yen Sid (running fingers through his beard): As I thought...Mickey has been hurling himself from one world to the next. That explains why I could not discern his location.

Donald: You can now, can't you?

Yen Sid: Yes. I can.

(He waves his arms and concentrates, creating a cloud of dust on his desk. The swirl clears and the group sees Mickey lying on the ground, struggling to move. Donald and Goofy jump up, yelling)

Ventus, Spyro & Pop Fizz: Mickey!

Donald, Zig, Bumblebee & Goofy: The King!

(The image fades and the cloud vanishes)

Donald: What happened? Where'd he go? Is he okay?

Yen Sid: There is a dark and powerful force that is interfering with my magic.

Goofy: Just tell us where the King is, Mr. Yen Sid, sir, and me, Bumblebee, Zig and Donald will go right there and save him!

(Donald nods)

Yen Sid: You four? That may not be adequate.

Goofy: But I'm the captain of the King's royal knights!

(He summons his shield)

Donald: And I'm his magician!

(He summons his staff and Yen Sid struggles with his words)

Ventus: Me and my friend will find him. We recognize the place we saw.

Donald: If you go, we'll go with you!

Spyro: No, we owe him. Mickey saved me once. And we can't risk putting his friends in danger.

(They sigh again)

Ventus: Don't worry. I swear we'll bring him back safe.

Yen Sid: Very well, Ventus. We will leave it to you and your friends.

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