They made it outside and found Rob

Rob: Fox!

Damemon: Everybody is safe!

Rob: Good!

Fox: But where's Krystal?

Rob: She left in a hurry. Something about going after this... person in black.

Fox: What! How could she do that!?

Rob: Calm down, Fox. Her spirit is what make Krystal so Special.

Shoutmon: We'd better go find her!

They went to find her

Krystal: (Voice) Leave alone! Don't get me!

Fox: Krystal!  Where are you?!

Krystal: Fox! Help! I'm at the Top Floor!

They found her running away 

Fox: Krystal!

Krystal: I'm fine!

A Heartless is chasing her and it fighting our Heroes, after the Battle they defeated it

Shurimon: So you think...

They Found him

Fox: Shurimon!

He disappeared 

Shurimon: See ya!

Fox: What does he want?

Damemon He must be part of the Organization 15 Digimon. Every heard of a Nobodies? When a strong-hearted person turns into a heartless, a Nobody's created, too. See, the Organization Digimon's... they've got control of all the Nobodies.

Whisper: And that's right. And they were gonna make you into a Heartless. That way, they could get that nobody if yours and have control over it, whis.

Krystal: You're okay!

Fox: Krystal!

And then Fox's friends are here

Fox: Krystal... I- I'm sorry- I... wasn't myself. I hope I've haven't done anything to her you. Forgive me for this. 

Krystal I know you weren't yourself. You don't have to say sorry. But I had hoped... that you might have changed a little bit. I wish you could start trusting me.

Peppy: I hope he can do this for his father.

Damemon: What do you mean?

Slippy: Remember his father? Fox has to do it for his father. And if he didn't do it for him, He'll be heartbroken for this. And I'm sure he can do it to make his father proud.

Shoutmon: Really? Well, he ever do it for him?

Slippy: Of course.

Whisper: Yep. I think you're right!

Damemon: I hope you're right..

Then his Xros Loader is Glowing, and he know what he must do. He put the Xros Loader down and it create a Star Symbol. The Badge is Glowing and it creat a Crest, Damemon aim his Xros Loader to the Crest and he got it

Krystal: Damemon, what was that?

Damemon: A New Pathway has opened. We have to leave to another world.

Krystal: Do you have to go?

Shoutmon: Yeah.

Gumdramon: Now, no more arguing, Okay?

He and Krystal look blush

Slippy: We'll see you again.

Peppy: Take care.

Falco: Be safe now.

Shoutmon: If you heard anything about our Friends, the Heartless, the Organization - anything at all- let us know.

They nod means Yes

Damemon: Alright, see ya!

Komajiro: Bye!

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