They have arrived in the End of the World

Komasan: Oh, is that all that's left of the world's taken by the Heartless, Zura?

Gumdramon: Those world will be restored, if we defeated Lucemon, right?

Jibanyan: Of course, nyan.

Damemon: But if we do defeat him. Then all these world will be restored and disconnected, what's gonna happen to this place? And to us?

Whisper: Hmm... I don't know....

Komajiro: This is the Heartless world. So maybe it will disappeared.

All: What?!

Komajiro Don't worry. Even if this will be gone, our hearts ain't goin' nowhere. I'm sure we'll find our friends again. And I just now we will.

Shoutmon: Yeah, you're right.

He look at Taiki's Ring, Gumdramon look at Taigiru's Necklace and Damemon look at Yuu's Lucky Charm

Shoutmon We'll return this. We promised.

They are going find Lucemon and they made it another place

Komajiro: I wonder where Lucemon went?

Jibanyan: Dive into the most dangerous place and we'll find him!

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