Gumdramon is here at the Forest and they saw Mario looking around

Gumdramon: Mario, what are you doing?

Mario: Quite, you're gonna scared them away.

Gumdramon: Who?

Mario: The people who took everyone away. See their footprints? We were sticking together to make sure no one got lost again. But then, I saw some footprints that needed following. So I did. Suddenly, everyone was gone. Bad people must have taken then away! 

Gumdramon: Actually, Mario, those footprints are... Um... Anyway, I'll help you find you're friends.

Gumdramon went to the bushes and saw E.gadd

Gumdramon: E.Gadd?

E.Gadd: Hello.

Gumdramon: What are you doing?

E.Gadd: Looking for some part for my... Prototype.

Gumdramon: Prototype? This place feels like a house... Seems like a great spot to gather everyone we find them.

Gumdramon found Peach

Peach: Toadsworth so intent on something, well, I just had to follow him! But then, Toadsworth ran off into forest, and there I was, all by myself.

She went to the spot and Gumdramon found Yoshi

Yoshi: Yoshi!

He went to the spot and Gumdramon found Luma

Luma: I tried to find Yoshi. But I was busy for look at view in the Mushroom Kingdom. I forgot to look after Yoshi.

He went to the spot and Gumdramon found Toadsworth

Toadsworth: I better have a word with Luma about his flying. The next thing I knew, quite to my surprise, I was lost, too! 

Mario found Luigi

Mario: Hello, Luigi.

Luigi: Mario! Where are we?

Mario: I don't know, where we are either, Luigi. But if we go back the way we came from, we should find home.

Luigi made it and Gumdramon found him

Luigi: I was so scared for getting lost. So I have to find them.

Luigi went to stop

Mario: Everyone here!

That Night

They are looking at the stars

Luigi: I'm so happy we're back. I don't know what to do when I was all alone.

Peach: Luigi, you have to be brave.

Luigi: You weren't lonely at all?

Peach: No, I'm not.

Mario is wondering

Gumdramon: Mario, what are you thinking about now?

Mario: Nothing, I'm just thinking about what to think about.

Gumdramon: Wow, well, time for me to go.

Luigi: Gumdramon, where are you going?

Gumdramon: I'm going to find my friends, they're waiting for me.

Peach: Hope, you come back.

Luigi: I hope you find you're friends!

Gumdramon is leaving and everyone is waving to him

Mario: Gumdramon, don't forget... We shall always be here. If you'd like to visit again, that is.

Then Book has been Close and it show the Book has a Picture of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach and Gumdramon walking down to the road and everyone will know that Gumdramon come back for them

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