They went to the door and they saw a rock who looks like Pan, Ace is using the Symbol and it create a Portal

Daffy: Pan!

Ace: Almost there!

They went to the Portal and found Pan with Broly

Broly: Ha ha ha! Now that's what I called a Sword. Well, thanks for helping! And have a nice day.

He disappeared 

Pan: Ace! Behind you!

It was Sylvester and his Heartless 

Sylvester: What's the matter? Can't fight in the Underworld? 

Ace: Better thing again!

They are fighting them and their are too many of them

Ace: There's too many of them!

Daffy: Let's go!

Then Goku appeared and fight Sylvester 

Goku: Sorry, I'm late.

Then the Z Fighter has arrived 

Goku: You all have to get out of here now!

Ace: What about you?

Goku: I'm gonna show them bank they can mess with a true hero!

They are escape

Sylvestor: Hold it right there!

Then Goku stop him

Back to our Heroes

Pan: Ace, you better help Goku.

Ace: He'll be fine.

Pan: Look Goku has his Limit. And cannot win the fight.

Ace: Then we should go help him.

Daffy: You all have to get out of here!

They left and our Heroes is helping Goku to fight Sylvester and the Heartless and they did it

Sylvestor: I have enough of this place! I'll deal with you next time!

He left and our Heroes is escaping the Underworld 

Broly: Can everything could possible get any better then this? This time Goku is going down for good.

Back to our Heroes

They made it out of here

Broly: Well, if it isn't everyone's favourite hero washout. You really blew it this time.

Ace: No one likes a sore loser like you, Broly.

Broly: Can it, Bunny!

Goku: Then let me. No one like a sure loser like you, Broly.

Broly: Yeah, yeah. I know. Hey, have you go check on Baby you neglected to finish off? I hear things are really FALLING APART up there, boy.

He disappeared 

Ace: Wait!

Broly: Hate to run, but I've got another little diversion to attend to.

Goku to the Martial art Tournament and he looks down

Goku: This can't be.

They saw Baby who is still alive and wreck everything in the Tournament 

Roshi: Goku, you're alright.

Goku: I failed.

Pan: It was your fault.

Goku: I left everybody, unprotected. Broly was right! I was a.... Failure!

Trunk: Aw, come on. Goku, you cannot let yourself down for this.

Pan: Grandpa...

Ace: Trunk's right. You cannot let yourself down. You're a hero.

Goku: Some hero I am.

Pan is carrying her grandpa to Safety 

Ace:.Goku needs our help.

Daffy: Yeah!

Roshi: Don't think you can fight him without us.

Then all the Z Fighter and their Allies are helping them

Pan: We're in.

They are fighting Baby and they defeated him

Hours Later

Pan: Goku.

Goku: I let you down... I'm just... no use.

Pan: It wasn't your fault. Hey, even hero would be exhausted.

Ace: She's right. Give yourself a chance to rest.

Wile: There's won't be any games for you, anyway.

Pan: Don't worry about my Grandpa. I'll take care of him. Ace, Daffy, Wile, Taz. I own you big time.

Ace: Well, it's not big deal. Just let us know if Broly or the Heartless start acting up. We'll take care of it.

Daffy: That's right. That's what Heroes are for!

Pan: When did you guy make Heroes?

Ace: Let's save that for another time... We have to hit the road.

Pan: Alright. Don't be stranger.

Wile: Boy, I hope you feel better soon, Goku.

Goku: Yep.

Daffy: Roshi.

Roshi: Oh right! Take care you guys! Stay a little longer next time! We have some serious training to catch up.

Ace: Well, time to go. Oh right! We almost forgot. The Fortune-teller Baba stone.

It began to glow, Ace put his sword down and it create an Loonatic Symbol, the Stone is Glowing and it revealed a Symbol, he aim it and got the Symbol

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