They are going to find Raimundo and the others and they found them in a sinking sand

Raimundo: Help us!

Omi: I don't want be sinking!

Clay: Hurry! Help us!

They are fighting the Heartless and they save Raimundo and his Friends

Ace: Are you Okay?

Raimundo: We're Okay.

Then more Heartless coming

Wile: Oh No! Not again!

Omi: Looks like we have no choice.

He bring out his wish Coin

Omi: I wish these Heartless are gone.

Then all the Heartless are gone

1 Hour Later

Raimundo: I see. Thanks, Ace.

Ace: Raimundo. What are you and your friends doing out here?

Raimundo: Same old stuff. Finding Shen Gong Wu and get a visit to the Temple of Wonder. We found all the Treasure's and this Three Wish Coins. Legend has it, when people wish that coin it will come through.

Dojo: And even though have you heard about me? Dojo the Dragon Keeper! I help the Xioalin Warriors to find Shen Gong Wu around the Planet. And we went to Temple of Wonder to find the Wish Coins! And even though, those wish Coin's are real. And even though, we have a Leader on this Team, and it was... Raimundo! The Xioalin Warrior of Wind!

Raimundo: Thanks, Dojo.

Omi: A Warrior who is a great fighter.

Dojo: And he's the Luckiest Leader ever! And hey, can I get some Cappuccino for you guys?

Raimundo: Nope.

Clay: Sorry, partner.

Omi: I go for some Tea.

Dojo: Okay.

Raimundo: I think we need to get back to the Xioalin Temple.

Ace: Why?

Raimundo: Because our friend is waiting for us. Kimiko, the Xioalin Warrior of Fire. She's with us to find the Shen Gong Wu. And she's the Smartest girl we know. And she's very Tough.

Daddy: Oh I see. Wait... Kimiko?

Wile: The Xioalin Warrior of Fire?

Ace: Oh, that's right. She's in trouble you guys.

All: What!

Raimundo: Well, come on let's go!

They are riding Dojo the Dragon

Dojo: Ahh. Fresh Air and the Great Outdoors.

Ace: I guess it's been so long since you left.

Omi: Yes. It's been 2 Weeks since we left to find the Temple of Wonder.

Dojo: Comes from the Job. Pneumonia Cosmic Power and Itty-bitty living space. And I never have a chance to be free to go anywhere I want.

Clay: So want to see many Country?

Dojo: Yes.

Raimundo: Say. Maybe I can use my last wish on you to be free, so you can be free to go anywhere you want.

Dojo: (Gasp) You do that for me?

Raimundo: Yes, it's a Promise. After we save Kimiko.

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